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Satellite dsl Internet, as well as, portable satellite communications services offer you a unique connection to the rest of the world. That's because they provide convenient, independent links which enable you to communicate via satellite from virtually anywhere on Earth. And ...

that's what makes them so invaluable, especially for service locations beyond the reach of traditional landline or mobile networks.

Satellite technology serves the growing need for voice, video and data transmission via traditional vsat dish systems, along with mobile and portable service devices.

This web site will help you to learn about these communications services, how you will benefit from them, and how you may acquire them.

Satellite DSL - VSAT Services

Whether it's to provide a lifeline link home for deployed military personnel, Internet access for individuals, or advanced communications services for industries and entire communities, satellite technologies play a vital role in the exchange of information throughout the world every day.

ku band satellite system
ku-band VSAT
satellite system

The ability to deliver these services without the need for cable or phone lines gives satellite dsl a unique advantage over the competition.

And, this is accomplished through the use of VSat (very small aperture technology) satellite systems to easily deliver backbone connectivity, as well as, dedicated and shared bandwidth solutions to meet ANY communications requirement.

You'll discover that, ...

the best equipment to receive these services comes from iDirect VSAT systems. That's because they function as an extension of current IP networks. This enables them to provide the same speed, dependability, and security that you have come to expect from traditional, landline broadband networks.

Best of all...

satellite dsl technology delivers even the most advanced communications, including video-conferencing, RPN, VPN, and VOIP services, virtually anywhere - on land or at sea!

And, if you need ...

Portable Satellite Solutions

globalstar satellite phone
satellite phone

satellite phones provide voice connections just about anywhere in the world with the latest wireless solutions available.

You can either rent or purchase a satellite phone or a GSM international cell phone at discounted rates to keep in touch wherever you travel, work or play.

BGAN modem/handset
BGAN Explorer 100

For portable voice and broadband internet access

the BGAN portable satellite modem offers the convenience of both high speed internet access and phone calling capability at the same time. Some BGAN models also support video conferencing and other advanced services. Portable and mobile solutions enable satellite link-up and mobile office set-up in minutes!

So, What's Your Communications Need?

Throughout this site, you'll learn about satellite technologies that can help you to communicate effectively, be more productive, and enjoy more entertainment options, anywhere.

Then ...
you can contact providers of satellite dsl, as well as, portable satellite services worldwide to verify service availability and pricing.

The pages that follow are your keys to understanding the features and benefits of satellite communications. I welcome you to explore and enjoy them ...

and most of all,

use this information to get the best solution for your communications needs. So, come along and let's take a look at these satellite services, together!

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