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Afghanistan Military Internet Service
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" ... with satellite broadband access
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Deploying to Afghanistan?

Afghanistan military internet service offers high speed communications via satellite to help you easily stay in touch with loved ones and friends anywhere in the world, whenever you desire.

The service supports all of today's popular internet apps, such as, instant messaging, e-mail, web cam video sessions, internet browsing, as well as, popular internet phone service, like Skype. And, ...

bandwidth speeds are comparable to dsl, but the best part is that satellite internet is available countrywide, 24/7 at military bases, camps, and even remote desert and mountain outposts.

All that is required to receive Afghanistan military internet service is an electrical source to power the satellite system, and you're good to go!

Absolutely no phone lines are needed for Internet access.

If you're in a hurry and you prefer ...

you can skip the details for now and go right to my provider recommendation for Afghanistan military internet service via satellite.

About Afghanistan Military Internet

Various providers offer broadband satellite internet service in Afghanistan for deployed personnel from all branches of the military, as well as, civilian and DoD contractors.

One of the most reliable and efficient broadband solutions is delivered throughout Afghanistan and the Middle East via iDirect satellite systems. These are scalable, high performance products that are capable of delivering up to 18 Mbps downloads and 4 Mbps upload speeds.

These systems are available in either C-band or ku-band frequency models. More
about C-band and ku-band satellite service.

Satellite Equipment

Ku band satellite system
Ku band system

The iDirect systems used to deliver service in Afghanistan consist of a single box router with built-in transmit and receiver modems and an appropriately sized satellite dish antenna.

The components are linked via RG-6 cable and connected directly to the ethernet port of your computer or network to provide service. And ... the satellite signal can be shared with multiple users in a network wirelessly with a "G" or "N" frequency band router. (LinkSys, NetGear or similar)

For most service requirements,

the iDirect Evolution X3 series router and satellite system offers a great solution. This is because it supports all of the Internet functions mentioned above. Plus, it can handle a host of other advanced applications, if needed, very efficiently.

Depending upon the provider and service you select, you can expect to spend about $1,650. to $1,800. for a ku-band iDirect Evolution X3 satellite system. In comparison, a C-band iDirect system can cost about twice as much.

In my opinion, iDirect systems offer the best service solution because they are durable, they provide dependable service, they are simple to operate, and they offer advanced communications capability. For added peace of mind, they also come with a one year replacement warranty.

Once your deployment has concluded, you can confidently sell the system to your service relief, if you choose, for seamless continuation of communications. These systems are designed to last.

Tip ~
To keep equipment and service subscription costs affordable, most Afghanistan internet providers recommend prospective subscribers form groups of 8-10 members or more to share internet access and equipment costs.

New Satellite Service

W-6 Afghanistan coverage
Eutelsat W-6 ku-band
Afghanistan/Middle East beam

Presently, one of the most efficient satellites providing Afghanistan military internet service over the ku-band frequency is Eutelsat W-6 at 21.5° East.

This satellite serves the entire country, as well as, all of the Middle East region.

The service, known as XT-iDirect, is a lower cost satellite communi-
cations solution that does a great job of providing dependable Internet access with email, web cam and IM use for small networks.

XT-iDirect has NO Fair Access Policy, and it boasts a 98% uplink efficiency with high rain fade tolerance. Additionally, it's suitable for heavy usage which makes it an excellent connectivity choice for military personnel and civilian contractors deployed throughout Afghanistan.

For mission critical transmissions in Afghanistan, PEP-iDirect service is available over the C-band frequency via Telstar-10 satellite at 76.5º East. This is a high-end service designed to support Enterprise level usage. It features a SLA, guaranteed uptime, and dedicated CIR bandwidth included in the service. See my
Afghanistan satellite providers page for more info about this service.

Why Afghanistan Military Internet?

W-6 XT-iDirect service is an excellent satellite internet choice for deployed military personal and civilian contractors because it ...

check is fast, dependable, and available countrywide with no long term commitment

check offers convenience and privacy with quick system delivery
- can be installed in any quarters (tents, trailers, buildings)

check provides unlimited broadband internet service without restrictions

Also ...

Afghanistan military internet service is always-on, supports multiple users at the same time, and there are no time-use restrictions as with government provided internet access.

Best of all, it's a personal service that's available in your own quarters whenever you need it, and you won't ever have to wait-on-line to use it.

Afghanistan Military Internet Service Packages

In case you're wondering ...

Afghanistan military internet service delivers the Internet at the level of speed you desire with access that you can consistently count on.

It operates superbly with both PC and Mac platforms.

Service packages are available on three service levels with various download/upload speeds starting at 512 Kbps/128 Kbps all the way up to 4 Mbps/512 Kbps - all with low contention ratios.

More about contention ratios and how they can affect your service performance.

Here's a peek at typical XT-iDirect internet service packages for Afghanistan via EutelSat W-6 satellite.

Internet Service Availability

Broadband internet service via satellite is available throughout the Middle East region. Here's a list of Afghanistan military internet locations where service is available at airfields, bases, and camps around the country.

For those in need of service at military installations in Iraq, as well as, naval, marine and army facilities in other Middle East countries, follow these links for additional info about military broadband internet availability for those specific locations.

Afghanistan Military Internet Offer

For complete information about available satellite service solutions and pricing for military personnel, as well as, DoD and civilian contractors throughout Afghanistan, I recommend that you

Contact BusinessCom

If You're dissatisfied with your present internet service ...

...that's frustratingly slow and unreliable!

Afghanistan military internet service from BusinessCom offers new subscribers lower equipment costs and subscription service charges. It also can easily accomodate those who presently have another satellite service and wish to acquire dependable internet access without spending a lot of money.

If you already have one of the following satellite system routers -

  • iDirect Infiniti series 3100

  • DIRECWAY/HughesNet(DW-4000, 4020, 6000, 7000 or HX)

  • Bentley Walker StarPro

  • DStar/LinkStar or Gilat Skystar Advantage/Skyblaster

and a 1.2 meter (approx. 4 ft. diameter) satellite dish antenna with a 3 Watt BUC or larger, you may be able to receive XT-iDirect satellite internet service. Contact BusinessCom for details.

Contact BusinessCom

Featuring Afghanistan Military Internet service
via W-6 ku-band

Afghanistan military internet service offers ...

— dependable two-way, shared and dedicated bandwidth solutions
  with << unlimited internet access >>, No service restrictions

— flexible satellite services with easy migration deals allow internet
  connection with your own equipment (subject to compatibility)

— fast equipment delivery (1-2 weeks) to all camps and bases

— No long term service commitments or service activation fees

— Free satellite VOIP service with free calls to anywhere in the US

Contact BusinessCom for a no-obligation
service recommendation and price quote

Satellite service solutions to meet your communications needs
anywhere in Afghanistan!
(prompt response within 24 hrs.)

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