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Afghanistan Satellite Internet Provides
Superior Service At These Military Locations

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Afghanistan satellite internet, high speed communications service via satellite, is now available for most army, air force, marine, and other military locations throughout Afghanistan.

The following list identifies many of the military camps, air bases, fire bases, Forward Operating Bases, and Provincial Reconstruction Team sites where internet service is currently available through independent providers.

Afghanistan map, click on map for detailed versions

Click on map for detailed versions
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Map of Afghanistan

Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries,
The University of Texas at Austin

Camps and Compounds

    •   Kabul Compound•   Gardez Compound
    •   Camp Albert•   Camp Kearny
    •   Camp Bagram, AF•   Camp Konduz
    •   Camp Bastion•   Camp Leatherneck
    •   Camp Blackhorse•   Camp Lightning
    •   Camp Blackjack•   Camp Marmal
    •   Camp Bulldog•   Camp Morehead
    •   Camp Civilian•   Camp Nathan Smith
    •   Camp Cunningham•   Camp Olympia
    •   Camp Dubs•   Camp Phoenix
    •   Camp Eggers•   Camp Salerno
    •   Camp Gecko•   Camp Souter
    •   Camp Gibraltar•   Camp Spann
    •   Camp Hadrian•   Camp Stone
    •   Camp Harriman•   Camp Vianini
    •   Camp Holland•   Camp Victory
    •   Camp Invicta•   Camp Warehouse
    •   Camp Julien•   Camp Wilson
    •   Camp Kabul• Camp Wright
    •   Camp Kandahar, AF

Fire Bases

    •   Fire Base Anaconda•   Fire Base Nixon
    •   Fire Base Asadabad•   Fire Base Orgun-E
    •   Fire Base California•   Fire Base Oulet
    •   Fire Base Cobra•   Fire Base Phoenix
    •   Fire Base Cobra Strike•   Fire Base Shkin
    •   Fire Base Gardez•   Fire Base Waza Khwa
    •   Fire Base Lagman•   Fire Base Wilderness
    •   Fire Base Maholic

Forward Operating Bases

    •   FOB ABAD•   FOB Naray
    •   FOB Bermel•   FOB Orgun-e
    •   FOB Blessing•   FOB Pasab(Wilson)
    •   FOB Boris•   FOB Payne
    •   FOB Bostick•   FOB Price
    •   FOB Cobra•   FOB Qalat
    •   FOB Connolly•   FOB Ramrod
    •   FOB Delhi•   FOB Red Hill
    •   FOB Dwyer•   FOB Rhino
    •   FOB Eagle•   FOB Ripley
    •   FOB Fenty•   FOB Salerno
    •   FOB Freia•   FOB Scorpion
    •   FOB Gamberi•   FOB Shank
    •   FOB Gereshk•   FOB Sharana
    •   FOB Ghazni•   FOB Shawqat
    •   FOB Indianhead•   FOB Smart
    •   FOB Keating•   FOB Sweeney
    •   FOB Lagman•   FOB Tarin Kowt
    •   FOB Lonestar•   FOB Terrett
    •   FOB Lwara•   FOB Thunder
    •   FOB Martello•   FOB Tillman
    •   FOB Maimaneh•   FOB Tiger
    •   FOB Mehtar Lam•   FOB Walton
    •   FOB Mizan•   FOB Wolverine
    •   FOB Munoz•   FOB Zormot


    •   Bagram Airbase•   Kandahar / Qandahar
    •   Bamian / Bamiyan•   Khowst
    •   Chagcharan•   Mazar-e Sharif, AF
    •   Chapman Airfield•   Meymanah / Maimana
    •   Fayzabad / Faizabad•   Pul-i-Kandahar, AF
    •   Herat•   Rhino FOB
    •   Jalalabad•   Shindand Airbase
    •   Kabul International•   Taloqan / Talulqan

Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)

    •   PRT Asadabad - ISAF US•   PRT Konduz - ISAF Germany
    •   PRT Baglan - ISAF•   PRT Lashkar-Gah - ISAF UK
    •   PRT Bagram - ISAF US•   PRT Mazar-E-Sharif -
    ISAF Sweden
    •   PRT Bamian (Bamyan) -
        ISAF New Zealand
•   PRT Mehtar Lam - ISAF US
    •   PRT Chaghcharan -
        ISAF Lithuania
•   PRT Meymaneh -
    ISAF Norway
    •   PRT Farah - ISAF US•   PRT Nurestan - ISAF US
    •   PRT Feyzabad -
        ISAF Germany
•   PRT Parwan – ROK/US
    •   PRT Gardez - ISAF US•   PRT Panjshir - ISAF US
    •   PRT Ghazni - ISAF US•   PRT Pol-E-Khomri -
    ISAF Netherlands
    •   PRT Herat - ISAF Italy•   PRT Qalat - ISAF US
    •   PRT Jalalabad - ISAF US•   PRT Qala-e-Naw - ISAF Spain
    •   PRT Kabul•   PRT Sharana - ISAF US
    •   PRT Khandahar -
        ISAF Canada
•   PRT Tarin Kowt -
    ISAF Netherlands/Australia
    •   PRT Khowst / Khost ISAF
•   PRT Wardak - ISAF Turkey

The above listings represent all of the military locations supporting Afghanistan satellite internet service to my knowledge ( as of July 2010).

If a base or camp of interest is not listed above, feel free to contact me or contact BusinessCom to verify service availability at that location. Generally speaking, satellite communications services usually can be supported anywhere within the country of Afghanistan that has an available source of electricity.

Satellite Service Info

Learn more about satellite internet and communications services available for military personnel and civilian contractors located at airfields, camps, and bases throughout ~

•   Afghanistan

•   Iraq

•   other Middle East countries

Additional Satellite Service Locations

Here's a list of military installations located in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East where satellite internet and communications services are available.

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