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Afghanistan satellite providers offer one of the best options for communications throughout Afghanistan today - for individuals, military personnel, and even the largest enterprise networks.

This is because Afghanistan ISPs utilize a variety of satellites to provide broadband internet access, VOIP - internet phone, plus a host of advanced communications services.

Service is available from Afghanistan satellite providers via stable industry performers, such as, the Telstar-10, AsiaSat, Newskies NSS-6 or Express AM1 satellites.

Strong satellite beams, available over the Ku or C-band frequencies, provide communications links to meet the most demanding connectivity requirements throughout the country.

I believe that ...

Afghanistan Satellite Providers offer the best option

for communications in Afghanistan. This is because, unlike terrestrial networks, satellite broadband enables you to receive high speed internet access directly via satellite anywhere, even in the most remote desert and mountaintop locations. Service speeds are comparable to cable or dsl, but ...

absolutely no telephone or cable lines are required to receive service.

All that is needed is an electrical source to power-up the satellite system (router and dish antenna), and you're good to go! The best part is ...

with built-in security encryption, your data and voice transmissions are safe from prying eyes.

Afghanistan satellite service is especially reliable when acquired from providers who land their satellite circuits at teleports in Europe or Hong Kong. That's because these gateways offer redundant access to top-tier IP backbones worldwide.

Why is this important?

A seamless service backup is available, when needed, to deliver consistent, dependable communications services throughout Afghanistan and the Middle East region.

Additionally, Afghanistan satellite providers are able to offer an SLA network uptime guarantee of near 99%! For you, this means less network downtime and the capability to be more productive!

What's new ...

Using the latest technologies from popular platforms like ViaSat Linkstar and iDirect, Afghanistan satellite providers are also now able to satisfy even the most sophisticated connectivity demands of encrypted security and mobility for government and military networks.

This includes DVB-S2/ACM technology that's featured with the new iDirect Evolution X3 and 8000 series routers. These next generation routers are designed to meet rigorous security demands and enable greater efficiency of star topology networks, as well as, deliver more cost efficient and higher level broadband IP services.

Read about the benefits of iDirect satellite systems for individual use and business operations all the way up to gigantic voice and data carrier networks. On a broader level ...

Afghanistan Satellite Providers Serve

a diverse subscriber base, including individuals, small business, internet cafes, ISPs, institutions, government agencies, as well as, enterprise and military networks.

It's no surprise that ...

One of the largest subscriber groups is comprised of deployed military personnel located throughout the country.

Especially for these soldiers, marines, airmen, and civilian contractors, satellite internet service in Afghanistan is a real morale booster because it delivers lifeline communications links with family and friends anywhere in the world, anytime!

Staying in touch via webcam video, internet phone calls, instant messaging or email exchange is fast, simple and affordable. In addition, the internet access enables many users to continue their education online by taking college level courses, while others enjoy web browsing, gaming or streaming video downloads.

Most important, satellite internet service has proven to be an invaluable resource for coping with separation caused by overseas deployment. More info on how Afghanistan military internet service works, and a current list of camps, bases, and airfields in Afghanistan where satellite services are accessable. Advanced communications, such as, ...

Video Conferencing and VOIP

service are also available via satellite in Afghanistan. For business operations, educational institutions, medical facilities, and government agencies alike, the importance of dependable voice and video termination services from Afghanistan satellite providers is paramount.

In Afghanistan, these services are fully supported over satellite networks with the use of Deterministic-TDMA internet service in conjunction with iDirect satellite equipment.  And, ...

they are offered with guaranteed Quality of Service and uptime. See my list of recommended providers below for details. If you need internet access for ...

Enterprise or Wide Area Networks,

the best service is available from those Afghanistan satellite providers who utilize iDirect routers together with with PEP (performance enhancing proxy) software to deliver genuine QoS enabled circuits.

That's because this combination of equipment and technology gives networks the capability to prioritize critical traffic, such as, VPNs, SCADA, CITRIX, and file transfers. The end result is that your network will have the ability to operate with greater efficiency and productivity.

Dedicated Communications

Dedicated bandwidth connectivity via satellite in Afghanistan is available on SCPC, iSCPC, DVB, and DVB-S2 platforms. The variety of connectivity options allows ISPs to offer service solutions designed to meet your specific needs and budget.

Utilizing the latest technologies from Comtech EF Data and iDirect, Afghanistan satellite providers can deliver these services more consistently and cost effectively. More about dedicated bandwith services and network configurations.

Which Afghanistan Satellite Providers Offer the best service?

Afghanistan satellite broadband service can deliver the communications solutions you need securely and efficiently. You can receive detailed information about available solutions for your service requirements from Afghanistan satellite providers, that I recommend, below.

These Afghanistan satellite providers are reputable dealers who offer good, dependable service with consistent quality. They are flexible in tailoring satellite communications services to meet your specific needs cost effectively. Shared and dedicated bandwidth services are available for any network size and requirement.

Afghanistan Satellite Providers

Contact BusinessCom

Featuring D-Star and iDirect C-band satellite service

Internet via satellite Afghanistan service includes ...

— two-way, shared and dedicated bandwidth VSAT solutions with     unlimited internet access, No download maximums, service     restrictions or Fair Access Policy provisions

— iDirect (C-band) service via Telstar-10 with 98.5% network uptime     guarantee! Redundant access through European teleports

— IP Telephony services including Voice Over IP, Video conferencing,    VPN (IPSec), Mesh topology and more

— Worldwide professional backbone connectivity with economical    solutions available on SCPC, iSCPC, DVB and DVB-S2 platforms

additional service information

Contact BusinessCom for a satellite service solution to meet your communications
needs anywhere in Afghanistan, today!
(prompt response within 24 hrs.)

Contact Oceanic Broadband

Dependable iDirect C-Band satellite, VOIP, IPTV and wireless services

Afghanistan satellite service offers business-grade communications via AsiaSat 4 satellite @ 122.2 degrees East providing ...

— VSAT & wireless network solutions for shared and dedicated service
   99.5% network service uptime (per Service Level Agreement)

— VOIP, international VPN, video conferencing and backbone    connectivity (SCPC)

— mobile WiFi, GSM and fixed-line telephony solutions

— Optional Wind/Solar powering of wireless satellite, VOIP and IPTV     networks for greatest energy efficiency

additional service information

Contact Oceanic Broadband for reliable satellite, wireless, and mobile communications solutions to meet
your needs anywhere in Afghanistan today!

(prompt reply to all inquiries)

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