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Business-Grade Satellite Internet

Is Performance Worth The Cost?

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About Business-Grade Service

Business-grade satellite Internet service, utilizing VSAT (very small aperture technology), offers the most dependable and consistent service available via satellite, today. Essentially, it is the "gold standard" for communications in the satellite industry.

This is because it can support Internet access, as well as, any advanced communications need that you may have virtually anywhere on Earth. This capability is most beneficial to those users and service providers who need good, dependable communications links beyond the reach of local landbased, broadband networks.

Supported services include VPNs (virtual private networks), RPNs (real private networks), CITRIX, video conferencing, video streaming, VOIP (voice over internet phone), and popular voice and video services, such as, Skype. Although Skype use via satellite is generally not recommended because it consumes too much bandwidth to support with guaranteed quality.

Service Features

While it's reassuring to know that business grade is reliable and offers a significant step-up from consumer grade satellite service, it's also important to understand that this convenience comes with a price that's rather steep for most individual users or even small office operations to seriously consider.

You see, business grade satellite communications, as the name implies, were conceived and designed to provide critical connections to support business and commercial operations anywhere, especially where terrestrial broadband networks do not exist.

Here are some key points to ponder to help you determine if your need for business-grade's unparalled level of performance is worth its high cost as compared to consumer grade services, such as HughesNet or WildBlue.

In a nutshell, the most notable differences between business grade and consumer grade satellite services are:

check Dependability - available whenever you need it
check Capability - supports advanced communications without limitations
check Consistency - same, steady performance all the time
check Cost - considerably more expensive than consumer-grade service

Regarding Dependability ...

business-grade satellite internet is very reliable for two reasons. First, most service providers include a small amount of dedicated bandwidth in every shared bandwidth service package they sell to ensure accessibility to the Internet at all times.

Second, business-grade vsat services offer significantly lower contention ratios on shared bandwidth service. Usually, 10:1 or even as low as 4:1 contention ratio service is available. The lower the ratio the fewer number of subscriber groups sharing the same segment space (Internet access) with you on the satellite.

How does this compare with consumer-grade service? Consumer grade service providers usually do not advertise their service contention ratios. However, within the satellite industry, it is understood that most of these providers generally offer 250:1 or even 400:1 contention ratio service.

What does this mean for you? With business-grade satellite internet, the potential for service congestion and resultant slow-downs when too many subscribers try to access the Internet at the same time is minimized.

About Capability ...

Simply, business-grade satellite communications service can support Internet access for common use i.e. - web browsing, e-mailing, file downloading, and IM, plus, any advanced services that are needed. These may include video-conferencing, tele-medicine seminars, video-education networks, such as PNGARNET-University Satellite Network, VPNs, RPNs, VOIP-Internet Phone, and video-streaming. Consumer grade satellite services simply can not support these activities.

Service Consistency ...

With business-grade satellite internet service delivered over iDirect satellite systems, you can expect connectivity with the same level of consistent, broadband speed every time you access the Internet.

And, that's because iDirect systems have built-in QoS (Quality of Service), data acceleration, and compression technologies to reduce the effects of satellite latency and ensure that Internet service quality is also enhanced. Offering download speeds of up to 4 MBps, business-grade service outperforms consumer-grade service in every category, except price.

A Word About Costs ...

Business-grade VSat satellite equipment required to receive service is not inexpensive. Standard equipment costs vary from provider to provider. However, you can expect to pay as little as $1,200. USD; or, as much as $2,400 USD for a 1.2 meter, ku-band, iDirect satellite dish system with an Evolution X3 modem. Enhanced 1.8 meter, ku-band iDirect systems again range from $2,100. USD to $3,100. USD.

Monthly subscription cost for 1024 KBps Rx download/256 KBps Tx upload, 10:1 contention ratio, business-grade satellite internet service, for example, costs between $775. USD per month and $1,040. USD per month annual term (12 month service commitment). These cost vary according to the satellite and provider delivering the service.

Performance vs. Cost

If you need dependable broadband connectivity with consistent service speed and performance for Internet access or advanced communication services, and if you are located in a remote area without landline networks, then business-grade satellite service may be the right choice for you.

In addition to convenience and dependability, this service gives you the flexibility to utilize advanced communications without experiencing slow-downs or stalls during operation. What you have to decide is whether the convenience, reliability, and performance this service offers is worth the expense to you and your business.

Services and Availability...

For more information on business-grade satellite internet services and systems available in your area of the world, visit the following providers, click on the navigation bar links for specific services; or, follow the appropriate regional links below. Enterprise class business-grade service and backbone connectivity via satellite worldwide, as well as, office service in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, - contact BusinessCom.

Contact BusinessCom

Featuring iDirect Infiniti systems for satellite
communications service worldwide!

Business grade communications services including Internet, VOIP, IPTV, dedicated backbone connectivity, and WiFi with wind/solar poer options anywhere in the Asia Pacific region, including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and islands of the Pacific - contact Oceanic Broadband.

Contact Oceanic Broadband

iDirect C-Band Satellite Systems

Business-grade VSat communications services, including dedicated SCPC and shared bandwidth connectivity solutions via satellite, anywhere in the Western Hemisphere - North, South, Central Americas, the Caribbean or anywhere in the world, contact me for complete details and pricing information.

International broadband satellite services are also available in ~

Africa   •  Asia  •  Australia/ New Zealand/ Pacific Islands

  •  Canada/ North America  •  Caribbean  •  Central America/Mexico

•  Europe  •  Middle East  •  South America  •  USA

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