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"... for Broadband Communications Solutions
That You Can Count On!"

Need high speed internet access that offers exceptional quality, reliability and pricing? Then, ...

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Simply, they are outstanding providers of business-grade satellite systems and communications solutions worldwide.

And, here's why...

You should know that ...

I recommend BusinessCom because
they provide good, reliable service.
Also, they are a reputable company.

If you like my web site, support my
sponsor and recommendation by
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act BusinessCom. When you do, I
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It's a little compensation for sharing
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while everyone's communi-
cations needs are different,
BusinessCom understands that
the desire for service that is
fast, dependable, and fairly
is universally important.

And, they are committed to pro-
viding this unique service combi-
nation for their customers every day.

Using the latest equipment
and bandwidth management techniques, BusinessCom delivers superbly efficient connectivity solutions via satellite that result in

optimum cost savings for you!

They offer both shared and dedicated bandwidth solutions - all with unlimited Internet access. So, you can be more productive while enjoying one of the best communications services available!

Whether you need broadband internet access in the Middle East to stay in touch with loved ones at home, a dedicated link for ISP services; or, enterprise connectivity for business operations anywhere in the world, BusinessCom offers professional service you can count on!

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International broadband satellite services are also available in ~

Africa   •  Asia  •  Australia/ New Zealand/ Pacific Islands

  •  Canada/ North America  •  Caribbean  •  Central America/Mexico

•  Europe  •  Middle East  •  South America  •  USA

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