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Contact Oceanic Broadband for
Cost-Effective Communications Solutions
That You Can Rely On

"... Anywhere in Asia, Australia, and
the Pacific Islands"

Contact Oceanic Broadband for business-grade communications via satellite in Asia, Australia, and islands of the Pacific. Why? ...

Simply, because they are experts in successfully providing broadband satellite internet, telephony, wireless, and IPTV service for the vast Asia Pacific region with over 20 years of industry experience. And, they excel in ...

their specialized service

which is the provision of end-to-end design solutions, installation, training, and support for wireless and satellite networks.

You should know that ...

I recommend Oceanic Broadband
because they provide good,
dependable satellite services.
They also offer energy efficient,
solar and wind powering options
which SAVES money.

If this appeals to you,
support my sponsor and recom-
mendation by using the
form on this page to contact
Oceanic. When you acquire
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In the process, they utilize the
latest technologies from leading
industry providers, such as,
iDirect satellite systems.

And, for wireless networks, the best products to serve your application.

These include WiMAX 802.16d (3.5, 5.8 or 1.9GHz), 900MHz point-to-point or point-to-multipoint, and
WiFi (802.11b/g) wireless mesh technologies from Firetide.

Oceanic Broadband Solutions prides itself on training local staff to install and support VSAT, wireless, telephony and IPTV systems.

Convenient office locations in Melbourne and Gold Coast, Australia enable fast, efficient service throughout their entire coverage area.

Oceanic's newest service features DTH (direct-to-home) satellite IPTV, VOD (video-on-demand), and "Triple Play" service for residential and business applications, as well as, for mining operations and the hospitality industry.

In addition, their optimized distance learning solution offers unique opportunities for educational institutions using wireless technology.

Click here to learn about Oceanic's Education Solution online,
or right-click to download it (pdf format)

These services complement their existing commitment to provide superior, customized communications solutions via satellite for -

office/small business, educational communities, mining operations, hotels/villas, government offices, internet cafes, and ISPs. So, this diverse clientele can expect to get precisely the service they need to communicate with consistent reliability and efficiency.

Vast Service Area

Through it's own iDirect VSat hubs in Hong Kong, Adelaide and Port Moresby, along with a select network of satellites, Oceanic Broadband provides high speed satellite internet, IPTV, and VOIP services.

These services are available individually or together as part of a "Pacific Triple Play" service package for Asia, Australia, and Islands of the Pacific.

Island service includes, but is not limited to -

Bali, East Timor, Fiji, Hawaiian Islands, Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Guinea, New Zealand, Philippines, PNG, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, Vanuatu, and more... (see coverage maps immediately below)

Satellite Coverage Maps

AsiaSat 4, C-band service area

NSS-9, C-band service area

Convenient fibre optic connections at their Hong Kong iDirect hub, a termination point for major telecom carriers from Europe and the USA, provide fast, dependable links to other international hubs for worldwide communications access.

Services include ...

  •  business-grade satellite internet, voice (VOIP) & video termination

  •   mobile WiFi, GSM and fixed-line telephony solutions

  •  IPTV free to air, video-on-demand or pay tv channels, Foxtel & Austar for residential, business and hotel/resort applications

  •  Wimax and WiFi wireless networks

  •  int'l Virtual Private Network (VPN) & backbone connectivity (SCPC)

  •  Triple play bundled service (internet, phone & IPTV)

Oceanic Broadband distinguishes itself from the competition with ...

Innovative Service Enhancements

for improved and more efficient communications, such as ...

check Optional solar/wind powering of satellite and wireless networks SAVES money and energy
check Virtual PABX solution provides added service flexibility with conference calling capability via mobile or fixed-line phones
check Inexpensive IP-PBX installation on local wireless networks enables free voice and video calls, as well as, low cost international calls from mobile phones

Let Oceanic Help You!

Use the form below

to contact Tony Waters at Oceanic Broadband about your communications and/or video entertainment needs.

Request information on available satellite or wireless
service solutions for your specific requirements and location, today!

(all inquiries answered promptly)

Contact Oceanic Broadband
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To save time, be sure to identify your proposed service
location with your request.

P.S. - We respect your privacy and will use your e-mail address and phone number only to respond to your inquiry. Please be assured that your contact information is safe with Oceanic Broadband.

International broadband satellite services are also available in ~

Africa   •  Asia  •  Australia/ New Zealand/ Pacific Islands

  •  Canada/ North America  •  Caribbean  •  Central America/Mexico

•  Europe  •  Middle East  •  South America  •  USA

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