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Dedicated satellite communications via SCPC networks are an integral part of large business, ISP, and enterprise network operations worldwide. This is because advanced reliability, security, and flexibility enable SCPC (single channel per carrier) satellite service to provide vital, private communications links over VSat networks in a variety of operating configurations.

The effectiveness of dedicated satellite communications networks enable them to serve as a primary communications tool or as a secure backup connection.

This ensures a real-time link between data and operations centers even in the most remote regions of the world.

SCPC satellite backbone connectivity provides constant dedicated communications to deliver one way, full duplex or asymetrical service in point to point, point to multi-point, star, mesh, or hybrid network configurations.

In these designs, an SCPC network can deliver high bandwidth to easily support the most demanding service applications, such as, video-conferencing, voice communications, and data transmission. Dedicated bandwidth connectivity is offered on SCPC, iSCPC, DVB and DVP-S2 platforms.

This versatility has created a greater demand for dedicated satellite communications worldwide among medium to large ISPs, large businesses, call centers and commercial operations utilizing high data rate or real time traffic intensive applications.


If you are a small ISP operator (less than 2,000 subscribers), there is a hybrid connectivity solution available for you called ...
iDirect enabled backbone service

This hybrid service performs comparably to SCPC service, and ... it can SAVE you up to 50% in operating costs!
Learn more about it here

A varied subscriber base for dedicated communications links includes medical communities, hotel and hospitality industries, governments, military operations, educational institutions, as well as, corporate and enterprise networks around the globe.

If you're in a hurry and you prefer ...
you can skip the details for now and go right to my provider recommendations for dedicated satellite services around the world.

Important Satellite SCPC features

  • Supports true multimedia capabilities - voice,video,data

  • Replacement of terrestrial circuits

  • Backup circuits for redundancy or diversity

  • Remote access where high-speed terrestrial connectivity isn't available

Potential SCPC applications

  • High-speed access to IP networks

  • Replacement of terrestrial circuits

  • Credit authorizations and inventory management

  • Corporate operations and account management

  • WAN connectivity

Dedicated satellite communications service is usually available over two frequency bands - C and Ku. C-band has a wide beam which affords global coverage. Whereas, Ku band offers a narrow, spot beam intended for regional service. More about
C and ku frequency bands.

Overall improvements in operational equipment and routing features such as Quality of Service, Header Compression and Payload Compression have contributed to the availability of more cost-effective bandwidth and excellent service quality.

Perhaps, the most efficient systems used in the delivery of dedicated satellite communications are from iDirect. They are fast, dependable, and cost-effective. Read more about iDirect systems.

Dedicated SCPC Service Configurations

Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multi Point Satellite Networks

Star Satellite Networks

Mesh Satellite Networks

Hybrid Satellite Networks

which are the result of a combination of mesh and star networks used together to achieve a unique form of dedicated satellite communications.

In a hybrid situation, some of the sites can be configured as Hubs in a Star network and the remaining sites as a Mesh network. Alternatively, a VSAT may be part of a Star network and part of a Mesh network concurrently. Each hybrid network application provides an optimal design and solution to effectively provide high speed bandwidth as needed.

Ways to reduce network operating costs...

Signal and Bandwidth Efficiency

Regardless of network configuration, two of the most important pricing factors for dedicated satellite links are modulation (signal) and spectral (bandwidth) efficiency. These are also essential to reduce the power and bandwidth requirements for reliable data transmission.

A provider may use 8-PSK and 16-PSK/APSK or 8-QAM modulation along with LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) or TPC (Turbo Product Coding) simultaneously to optimize power and bandwidth performance for any transponder. However, it is their ability to use these technologies effectively in combination that can result in more efficient service and cost savings for the end user.

Those service providers offering a choice of modulation, code and code rate in combination can save your network operation money without sacrificing performance. Additionally, the use of these powerful technologies can maximize throughput and reduce monthly operating costs effectively.

Inclined Orbit Service ...

has become a popular option to traditional dedicated satellite service because it offers the same SCPC bandwidth at a fraction of the cost. It is very dependable, and like traditional dedicated service, it comes with an SLA network uptime guarantee.

Availability is strictly limited to those satellites nearing the end of their stationary orbit phase and the specific areas of the world they serve. However, inclined orbit service can save you nearly 50% in monthly bandwidth costs over traditional dedicated SCPC service. Learn more about inclined orbit satellite service.

Which network solution is best?

Every business operation has different communications requirements. A thorough analysis of your network needs will identify the best communications solution for your business.

The following providers offer good, dependable satellite service spanning the globe. They are flexible and will work with you to design a network solution to meet your service needs cost effectively. Dedicated connectivity solutions are available for practically every possible service configuration.

For detailed information on dedicated satellite services, including a free, service recommendation and quotation, contact the providers listed below. Or, if you would like personalized assistance in acquiring pricing and dedicated service information, feel free to contact me, anytime! :-)

BusinessCom Internet via Satellite — worldwide service

offers the latest communications technology including DVB/RCS, DVB/SCPC, SCPC/SCPC, iSCPC, Dedicated DVB-S2, and Frame Relay Over Satellite via D-Star or iDirect platforms. Through an extensive fleet of satellites, BusinessCom offers dedicated backbone connectivity for business of any scale, worldwide.

Additionally, they provide complete end-to-end, turn-key solutions for global service providers and voice and data carriers with large bandwidth service demands and increased reliability requirements. Turnkey service is offered with worldwide on-site maintenance, as well as, regional support centers in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Contact BusinessCom about their dedicated satellite communications solutions for
ISPs, business operations, and enterprise networks, today!
(prompt response within 24 hrs.)

Contact BusinessCom for Dedicated Satellite Solutions

Providers of Dedicated Satellite Communications Services Worldwide!

Oceanic Broadband — Australia and Asia-Pacific service

specializes in delivering dedicated SCPC communications solutions via satellite and wireless networks for greater efficiency. C-band frequency service through their iDirect HUB in Hong Kong enables single hop ‘mesh‘ delivery for video conferencing.

This highly effective solution provides video or real time conferencing with high bandwidth and low latency. Customized solutions to meet your unique service requirements.

Contact Oceanic Broadband about their dedicated service recommendations for ISPs, video conferencing, and business operations today!
(prompt reply to all inquiries)

Contact Oceanic Broadband for Dedicated Communications Services

SCPC Dedicated Communications Solutions for Asia, Australia,
and the Pacific Islands

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