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Free satellite voip service is now available from BusinessCom to support voice communications anywhere over a traditional VSAT satellite system.

That's right!

Free satellite telephony from BusinessCom enables new subscribers of their Internet service to call any location in the US at no charge.

And ...
you may call from any location where you receive their satellite communications services, worldwide!

Who's Eligible

voip phone
VOIP phone

If you are a member of the US Military, employed by a US Government agency (i.e. DoD contractor) or any US-based business organization (i.e. civilian contractor), you can receive Free satellite VOIP service.

How It Works

Eligible new subscribers will receive a new satellite IP phone (one per account) and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service when they acquire satellite internet access from BusinessCom.

The IP phone works like a standard telephone using a broadband internet connection via satellite to send and receive voice transmissions. Satellite system encryption technology ensures user privacy and security over this phone connection.

Once your satellite system is installed and activated, simply plug the IP phone directly into the iDirect satellite modem to make and receive calls. (see diagram below)

satellite VOIP connectivity diagram

More About Satellite VOIP

This satellite internet telephony offer is available only through BusinessCom. Both of their ALT and PEP-iDirect satellite service solutions will support voice communications.

The only difference between these iDirect services is that the call quality is guaranteed on PEP-iDirect service, as long as enough CIR (commited information rate - dedicated bandwidth) is purchased. Normally, 11 kbit/s of CIR is required per VoIP line in the G.723.1 mode (common mode for most IP phones).

Satellite internet phone service from BusinessCom includes 10,000 minutes of Free call time to the US every month per account, subject to their Telephone Fair Usage Policy. For those who require more talk time, BusinessCom offers additional telephony service options. These include DID (direct inward dial), international VOIP, and Private VOIP Network service.

Read about Free satellite voip service - USA Unlimited Phone Calls online and additional telephony options from BusinessCom
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For complete information on this free satellite voip offer, as well as, other telephony service options, contact BusinessCom today!

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