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Compare HughesNet Service Speed With Ordinary Dial-Up

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HughesNet service speed for their basic Home plan is up to 35 times faster than ordinary 56 Kbps dial-up.

Faster speed naturally means quicker downloads and uploads to make your Internet experience more productive and enjoyable.

HughesNet delivers this high speed internet via satellite everywhere across the country. So, you no longer have to wait for slow dial-up service, even if you live in a remote area.

HughesNet provides shared bandwidth connectivity solutions for home and small office applications. The experience with faster service speeds means that a subscriber can download large files in a fraction of the time needed for dial-up service.

The table below depicts the comparable estimated time of typical Internet downloads (56K dial-up connection) versus Hughesnet internet service plans.

Internet Service Internet Usage
.5 Mb Digital Image 1 Mb Video Clip 4 Mb MP3 File 25 Mb Software Upgrade
3.3 min.

HughesNet Internet connection speeds are significantly faster than a 56K dial-up connection, especially during off-peak service hours. As a subscriber, HughesNet offers you an opportunity to receive high speed internet service in locales where it was previously unavailable.

The table below shows the HughesNet (maximum download and upload) speed capability for each service plan. For more information on actual throughput speeds, see the
HughesNet service plans page.

Service Plan HN9000S Speed
Max. Download Speed Max. Upload Speed

Dial-up service comparison based on standard dial-up connection at 56Kbps. HughesNet speeds are based on download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps for HughesNet Pro Plus, 1.0 Mbps for HughesNet Pro service and 700 Kbps for HughesNet Home service. Actual speeds vary based on the amount of traffic on the Internet, content on a particular Website, or by the overall performance and configuration of your computer. Stated speeds are not guaranteed.

HughesNet delivers satellite internet service most everywhere in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean as long as you have a clear view of the Southern sky! Even if you live in a remote location, you may be able to receive HughesNet service that offers easy Internet access.

There are no phone lines or cable service needed for satellite internet from HughesNet, and you can choose the level of service that fits your needs - starting with standard home service to the faster levels of Elite Plus service for Small Office and Business.

More About HughesNet

Read about the most frequently asked questions regarding high speed internet service via satellite from HughesNet. While you're there... you can also check the minimum configuration requirements for your computer to receive HughesNet service.

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