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iDirect Satellite Systems

" ... Why This Technology Provides Highly Efficient and Dependable Communications Solutions"

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iDirect satellite systems are widely regarded as a leader in the field of satellite communications today. It's a well-earned distinction, as I have learned, because there's simply no substitute for the communications quality, reliability, and capability that these systems have to offer you.

I know ...
this praise may sound a bit hyped, but it is true. iDirect satellite systems are extremely effective in providing a broad range of communications services in all weather conditions, and they do it with ease.

Granted, they are more expensive than competitor systems, but they excel in every operational phase. And, they can handle even the most advanced communications applications with consistent reliability.

Their performance is impressive, and when you consider their cost, I believe, they offer you an excellent return on your investment.

This has led me to the conclusion that if communications are important to your business and you need to use bandwidth intensive applications via satellite, then you should seriously consider investing in iDirect technology. Here's why ...

iDirect offers a better solution!

Unlike the competition, iDirect Vsat systems are designed and created to be an extension of current IP networks. This enables them to deliver the same functionality and capability via satellite that you have come to expect from traditional cable and dsl broadband networks.

No other satellite system currently offers this competitive advantage.

And ...,
they can do it with download service speeds of up to 18 Mbps!

The iDirect VSAT (very small aperture technology) satellite system easily supports A-L-L of the enterprise applications that business operations rely on for communications every day.

These include multiple Voice over IP (internet phone) lines, tele-conferencing, video-conferencing, VPNs, Real Private Networks, ERP systems, internet access and more. What is most impressive is that the iDirect system router can simultaneously support data, voice and video transmission to multiple locations and guarantee delivery quality, as well. Other systems simply cannot match this capability.

On top of that, iDirect technology delivers optimal service in all weather conditions, even in the most remote locations of the world! This is accomplished though the use of smart technology which monitors transmission performance and directs the modem to transmit at increased power levels, as needed, to maintain speed and efficiency.

It is exactly this kind of flexibility that enables iDirect systems to overcome potential service impediments, such as rain fade, that often cause transmission problems for other satellite systems.

Here's more ...

about iDirect systems

Infiniti router
iDirect Infiniti router

The heart and soul of these satellite systems is the Infiniti series router. This simple iDirect solution includes the modem and IP router with TCP (transmission control protocol) acceleration and QoS (quality of service) prioritization technologies all built-in to a single unit.

Additionally, encryption technology is incorporated within the system hardware to ensure secure information transmission at all times without sacrificing speed. Service access to your network is quick and easy via a standard 10/100 Ethernet port connection.

And, all standard routing features are provided. They include Static IP, RIP2, IGMPv2, DHCP, NAT, DNS caching and VLAN tagging. iDirect service even comes with an iSite program that installs on your PC.

This handy tool allows you to monitor your link performance so you can see total throughput, as well as, protocol breakdown (by TCP, UDP, HTTP, ICMP etc.) And, the best part ... because these systems provide a single integrated communications solution, they are simple to operate and maintain.

The iDirect Infiniti product line provides solutions for virtually every business need from SOHO applications all the way to the largest Enterprise networks.

Clearly, what distinguishes these routers from the competition is the fact that they can simultaneously support multiple VOIP lines and high speed internet access without either service affecting the other.

This is cleverly achieved by using a combination of shared (BIR- burstable information rate) and dedicated (CIR- committed information rate) bandwidth along with TCP/IP prioritization and QoS technologies. It's a lot of technology in a single box solution, and that's why iDirect offers...

specialized routers

to meet your communications needs. Their product lineup starts with the Evolution X3 series router - a low-cost entry solution for small networks needing basic Internet access and no advanced communications services. Many of the military personnel currently deployed throughout the Middle East use this router as an integral part of their satellite systems because it provides a dependable broadband communications link.

This lifeline connection allows them to stay in touch with family and friends via internet phone, webcam or instant messaging service. A complete Ku-band satellite system, including the Evolution X3 series router and 1.2 meter satellite dish, costs about $1,700. plus delivery and installation.

A great asset for business critical operations is the 5000 series router which supports multiple topologies, such as, SCPC, Star, and Mesh networks. The 5000 is a workhorse for enterprise business, Internet Cafe, Hot Spot, and ISP operators worldwide.

For more critical operations, the 7000 series router is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding user requirements, such as, TRANSEC security standards for military network carriers and high-end enterprise networks.

Rounding out the product line is the new Evolution 8000 series routers designed to enable greater efficiency of star topology networks, as well as, meet the most rigorous mobility and security demands of military and government networks.

These routers support a more efficient DVB-S2/ACM technology which allows providers to deliver more cost-effective and higher level IP broadband capabilities. Learn about all of the Infiniti and the latest Evolution series routers which empower iDirect satellite systems.
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ku-band dish antenna
ku-band sat dish

Each of these routers is matched with an appropriate sized dish antenna for your specific service location to provide the communications services you require. And, they perform impressively on Ka, Ku or C-band frequencies.

can iDirect benefit you?

It provides you with peace of mind in knowing that you have a communications link that will operate consistently and with exceptional dependability.

At the same time, it affords you added flexibility and freedom to use advanced communications applications via satellite from virtually anywhere on Earth.

Because iDirect satellite systems are scalable, they can meet the needs of your network as it grows without the need to invest in new technology. This SAVES money.

Additionally, using advanced IP routing technology and application prioritization, an iDirect network can maximize available bandwidth which saves up to 50% of bandwidth capacity over networks using inefficient MPEG encapsulation.

Utilizing cutting edge technologies like TCP acceleration and QoS prioritization, these systems provide smoother operations and minimize the effects of satellite latency without compromising transmission quality, security or dependability. More about satellite latency.

As a result, your satellite communications over an iDirect network will function more reliably and efficiently allowing you to be more productive and potentially more profitable! When communications are important, iDirect satellite systems set the standard for communicating via satellite today. If you want to ...

learn more about iDirect solutions,

you can get service information and cost for an iDirect system that will meet your specific communications needs by contacting any of the following iDirect providers who cover your location.

For enterprise class business service and backbone connectivity via satellite worldwide, as well as, office service in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, contact BusinessCom.

Contact BusinessCom

Featuring iDirect Infiniti systems for satellite
communications service worldwide!

For business grade communications services including internet access, VOIP, IPTV, and backbone connectivity anywhere in the Asia Pacific region, including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and islands of the Pacific contact Oceanic Broadband.

Contact Oceanic Broadband

iDirect C-Band Satellite Systems

For business-grade VSat communications services, including dedicated SCPC and shared bandwidth connectivity solutions via satellite, anywhere in the Western Hemisphere - North, South, Central Americas, the Caribbean or anywhere in the world, contact me for complete details and pricing information.

about installation

Installation of VSat satellite systems is recommended for experienced communications professionals for personal safety and health reasons. In the United States, professional installation of all VSAT satellite systems is required by the FCC.

For those qualified to install these systems, here's some helpful information for you. To make the installation process easier, iDirect Infiniti systems are equipped with a handy, built-in signal meter to help you align the system to the satellite without the need of any special instruments.

If you have encountered some difficulty while installing an iDirect system, here's the guide to get you back on track and your system up and running smoothly.

iDirect Infiniti Satellite Systems Installation Guide - Pdf format
(Click to view on-line or right-click to download)

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