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Inclined Orbit Satellite Service

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Inclined orbit satellite service, where available, enables ISPs, WISPs, Call Centers, and Enterprise operations the ability to acquire dedicated satellite bandwidth for backbone or backup connectivity at a fraction of its normal cost.

Yes, that's correct - dedicated satellite bandwidth for a fraction of its normal cost!

You see, operators look at inclined orbit satellite service as a way of maximizing income during a satellite's "twilight years". At the same time, it's a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to obtain bulk amounts of dedicated bandwidth at a significant discount. So ...

What Is Inclined Orbit Service?

Simply, it's the service period that occurs during the last few years of a satellite's usable life in orbit. At this life cycle stage, a satellite may sometimes wobble as it strives to maintain an orbit above the Earth. When this occurs, traditional earth station equipment can no longer be used to maintain a strong signal with the satellite.

To compensate for this disability, a tracking satellite system is utilized to successfully acquire a satellite signal. The most important feature of this system is a motorized dish antenna which enables automatic position adjustment (azimuth and altitude) of the antenna, as needed.

About dependability

Built-in iDirect technology ensures that the satellite signal is "locked on" at all times to provide the same level of dependability as with standard 1:1, SCPC dedicated bandwidth service. Satellite service providers are so confident in inclined orbit satellite service that most offer it with the same guaranteed Service Level Agreement.

Equipment vs Monthly Subscription Cost

The two most important features of a tracking satellite system which add to the overall equipment cost are the motorized mechanism and the BUC (Block Up Converter). Remenber, the more bandwidth you require to support your communications needs, the larger the BUC will need to be. Naturally, a BUC with larger capacity (power rating) will cost more.

Because the equipment required to support inclined orbit satellite service costs more than double that of traditional fixed satellite service, providers are discounting dedicated bandwidth as an incentive to attract more subscribers. As a result, you can expect to SAVE as much as 75% - 80% in monthly subscription costs for this bandwidth over standard SCPC rates!

Please Note...
Some satellite operators have a firm requirement regarding the minimum amount of inclined orbit satellite bandwidth that you must purchase. In most instances, the minimum requirement is a 5:1 download/upload ratio. This means that if you need 1 Mb of Tx upload dedicated bandwidth, then you will be required to purchase 5 Mbs of Rx download dedicated bandwidth at the same time.

Service Availability

Availability of inclined orbit satellite service is currently limited to Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia. This is because the satellites presently in the inclined orbit stage provide service only to these regions of the world. For complete service details and availability info, see my provider recommendation for inclined orbit service, below.

Provider Solution/Recommendation

If you are looking to purchase dedicated bandwidth at a discount from a satellite provider that offers consistent, dependable service, I would suggest that you consider The Advantage IP VSAT Solution available from BusinessCom.

Advantage IP VSAT service is a two way communications solution for voice, video and data transmission with guaranteed quality utilizing inclined orbit satellites and system specific supporting equipment. Keep in mind that inclined orbit satellite systems are versatile because they also support traditional SCPC service.

Inclined orbit satellite service from BusinessCom is based on the traditional Single Carrier Per Channel (SCPC) uplink and highly innovative DVB-S2 downlink technologies. It provides reliable around-the-clock connectivity to first tier European Internet backbones with redundant access through VersaTel, M-Net and KPN EuroRings networks. Advantage IP VSAT also supports both static and BGP routing with an exceptional SLA network uptime guarantee of 99.5%.

This VSAT service is flexible because it can be delivered as 2-way bi-directional DVB-S2/SCPC that relies on satellite uplink; or, downlink only DVB-S2 configuration that works in tandem with terrestrial IP uplinks.

Lease or Purchase

For those who prefer satellite system rental instead of an outright equipment purchase, the Advantage IP VSAT solution is also available with a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) lease option. supports QoS and advanced bandwidth management systems. Advantage IP VSAT also features built-in Network Intrusion Detection System, Layer 7 Firewall, Centralized Remote Administration Service, HTTP traffic compression, Web and DNS cache and many more features, making this an ideal satellite backbone solution for modern IP networks.

Learn more about inclined orbit satellite service availability for your location. Obtain a Free service quotation, as well as, detailed information on equipment purchase or CPE lease option and subscription costs for your location, contact BusinessCom, today!

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