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Iraq Army Internet Service
Provides An Invaluable
Communications Link Home

... Offering Good, Dependable Internet Access
So You Can "Stay in Touch"
While Deployed in the Middle East!

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Iraq army, as well as, personnel from A-L-L branches of the military are able to stay in touch with loved ones with the help of high speed satellite internet service.

An extensive communications network delivers a connection with family or friends anywhere in the world,

The service is always on, and speeds are near dsl. But that's not all, this amazing link also offers some ...

... Exceptional Benefits

The peace of mind alone, that this service has given to deployed members of the military, D.o.D. contractors, and their families alike, is truly priceless!

Already, it has proven to be an invaluable resource in helping families cope with separation caused by military deployment overseas. And, this has been a real morale booster for all concerned.

The added convenience of internet access in personal living quarters has made this service a very popular choice for military members, as well as, civilian contractors on bases and camps throughout the Middle East.

This provides more privacy and eliminates the need for waiting on-line in order to enjoy a brief session of government provided internet access.

The best part is ...
that this internet service is available when you need it, without restrictions.

Photo by: LCpl. Michael R.McMaugh
Courtesy of U.S. ARMY

Iraq army internet service allows military and civilian personnel stationed throughout the Middle East to communicate without limitations and be more productive!

They exchange emails, instant message, enjoy webcam sessions, and speak with family using popular VOIP services.

Some also use it for continuing education by studying college courses on the Internet, while others entertain themselves with online gaming or web browsing.

Whatever activity you need internet access to fulfill, iraq army internet service helps you to do it efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively.

If you're in a hurry and you prefer ...
you can skip the details for now and go right to my provider recommendation for iraq army internet service via satellite.

Dependable Technology and Equipment ...

like iDirect Evolution X3 satellite systems, deliver the most reliable and efficient broadband solutions throughout the Middle East. Presently, these systems serve the needs of military personnel and contractors on bases and posts even in the most remote locations.

iDirect systems are scalable, high performance satellite systems capable of delivering download speeds of up to 18 Mbps and upload speeds to 4 Mbps. These systems support web browsing, email access, IM, web cam use and popular internet phone services.

It should be noted that iDirect satellite systems work independently requiring only an electricity source to provide a full-featured broadband Internet access at any location. More about
iDirect systems.

Absolutely no phone lines are needed to receive service

Iraq Army Service Features

Here's some important service features to look for -

check Fast, dependable service with low contention ratios and no long term commitment

check offers convenience and privacy with quick system delivery
- can be installed in any quarters (tents, trailers, buildings)

check provides unlimited broadband internet service without restrictions

check Free satellite VOIP service with free calls to the US

Read about some tips to acquire good satellite internet service in Iraq with my
Iraq satellite service guide!

NSS-12 Middle East coverage
NSS-12 Middle East satellite coverage

Iraq Army Internet Availability ...

spans across the country of Iraq. Here's a list of
Iraq military locations where high speed internet service is currently available.

Good service begins ...

with a good provider. In my opinion, one of the most dependable suppliers of VSAT satellite services for Iraq army and other military personnel is BusinessCom.

Simply, the company is top notch! They are reputable, and they deliver good, dependable internet access with competitive pricing.

Ku band satellite system
Ku band system

Iraq army internet access from BusinessCom is available over the Ku-band frequency on two different service platforms, iDirect Infiniti and XT-iDirect.

Infiniti service supports advanced communications requirements via the ArabSat BADR-4 satellite @ 26°East.

Whereas XT-iDirect service delivers basic Internet access at a lower cost via the SES WorldSkies, NSS-12 satellite @ 57°East.

Both systems provide fixed service; however, they can be dis-assembled, transported, and re-configured for operation in a new location, if necessary,. More about
ku-band frequency service.

Tip ~
To keep equipment and service subscription costs affordable, most Iraq internet providers recommend forming groups of 8-10 members or more to share internet access and equipment costs.

Iraq Army Internet Service Packages

New, XT-iDirect service

via the SES WordSkies NSS-12 satellite offers small networks basic Internet service on three levels - Basic (1:16 contention ratio), Premium (1:10 contention ratio), and Business (1:4 contention ratio) over the ku frequency band.

This is a lower cost broadband satellite service that's especially suited for small networks. In addition to basic internet access for web browsing and emails, it supports web cam use, Skype, and IM service. It does not include any dedicated CIR bandwidth for advanced communications.

Here's a peek at some typical
XT-iDirect service packages.

And, in case you're wondering ...

... about Compatibility and Performance

Iraq army service from BusinessCom delivers the Internet at the level of speed you desire with access that you can consistently count on.

It operates superbly with both PC and Mac platforms and gives you the flexibility to create your own wireless network, if you desire.

And get this,...

you can use practically any internet phone service, including the very popular Skype - with Unlimited calls to landlines around the world.

BusinessCom uses the latest transmission technologies to reduce the effects of satellite latency in order to make your connection the very best it can be.

Internet Service Upgrade

If you already have your own satellite equipment; or, if you are unhappy with your present service, easy migration deals are available from BusinessCom that, in some cases, will allow you to use your present equipment (subject to compatibility) to receive their service. Contact BusinessCom below for complete details.

Tell BusinessCom...

about your proposed service location and communications requirements
(how you plan to use the service), and ...

Receive complete details
on equipment, bandwidth packages, and pricing for
Iraq Army internet service, Free
without obligation

Contact BusinessCom, today!

(priority response within 24 hrs.
to all service inquiries for

"Military Personnel")

Please note ...

this service is available to members of all branches of the military - army, navy, air force and marines from all countries providing military support in Iraq and throughout the Middle East, as well as, D.o.D. and civilian contractors in these locations.

Contact BusinessCom for Iraq satellite internet service
A leading provider of satellite internet access
for the military throughout the Middle East.

Broadband internet access via satellite is also available in Afghanistan, as well as, other countries throughout the Middle East

For the D.I.Y. Installer

Either iDirect satellite systems can be self-installed with a Pdf instruction manual (downloadable) and email/instant messenger assistance provided by BusinessCom. The iDirect Infiniti system even comes with a handy, built-in signal meter to help you align the system to the satellite without the need of any special instruments.

So, if you have hit a little snag while installing your iDirect system, here's the guide to get you back on track and your system up and running smoothly.

iDirect Satellite Systems Installation Guide - Pdf format
(Click to view on-line or right-click to download)

Alternatively, if needed, BusinessCom's local installers in the Middle East can get your system up and running quickly (installation fee applies).

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As a side note ...

For those of you who are about to deploy to Iraq, here is a very informative web site called Iraq-Up-Close-And-Personal.com.

The site gives you an interesting perspective from a civilian contractor who has been stationed at military bases in Iraq for over 3 years. It's about what Iraq is really like, what to expect, and the things you need. I think you will find it to be quite helpful. ;-)

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