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Helpful Tips for Acquiring
Iraq Satellite Service

"... so you can enjoy good, reliable Internet access without spending a fortune"

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Iraq satellite service provides an invaluable communications link with the rest of the world for people and business operations located in this Middle East country. In fact, it is the only practical and reliable service in Iraq for both domestic and international communications.

Deployed military personnel, government agencies, contractors, universities, Internet Cafes, and local Iraqi businesses are among the many subscribers who use this service successfully every day.

For those who anticipate acquiring Iraq satellite service, here are some tips to help you save money and enjoy a dependable broadband Internet connection.

The three most important steps to obtain dependable satellite internet service in Iraq; or, any satellite broadband service around the globe, involve

  • locating a reliable satellite service provider
  • purchasing the correct VSAT satellite system
  • acquiring the proper service package to meet your communications needs

  • It really is that simple!

    Before you start selecting a satellite ISP, there's some ...

    Basic service information ...

    ...that you need to know. Virtually all individual and small business satellite links use shared bandwidth technology, not only in Iraq but around the world.

    This means that subscribers with similar service requirements often share common segment space on the satellite to access the Internet. Dealers do this to maximize the satellite operating capacity and provide service at a reasonable rate.

    Accordingly, the number of subscribers sharing the same segment space is expressed as a ratio known as the service contention. A contention ratio of 20:1, indicates that a given subscriber may share the same segment space with up to 20 other subscribers.

    Naturally, the lower the contention ratio, the better the service with less chance of slow downs or interruptions. However, low contention ratio service comes with a premium of higher monthly subscription costs. So, ...

    Which service contention ratio should you consider? ...

    For most situations, small business operators and Internet Cafes will find that service packages with a 10:1 contention ratio provide smooth operations with few interruptions, while small office, military and individual subscribers can receive equally great service with 20:1 contention ratio service.

    Bottom line ...

    Avoid satellite services with contention ratios of 25:1 or greater. The service will be too congested, slow, and unreliable. It may be cheaper, but in the end you will be frustrated, disappointed, and very unhappy with the service.

    A word about satellite latency...

    It's the time delay caused by the distance a transmission signal has to travel up to the satellite and back limited by the speed of light. Since most communications satellites are located in a geostationary orbit 35,786 Km above the Equator, you can expect a delay, on average, of about 240 to 280 milliseconds.

    Depending upon where your service location is in relation to the Equator, latency may be as much as 1/2 second, resulting in a time lapse during communications.

    However, some providers, who use D-Star and iDirect technology, also utilize Performance Enhancement Proxy software in conjunction with these systems to boost link acceleration. This minimizes the effect of latency overall. It is important to remember that ...

    Nothing is more essential to good Iraq satellite service than ...

    Finding a reliable internet service provider

    And, you should not make your decision based on price alone. Because...
    some Internet Service Providers operating in the Middle East advertise low-cost, high speed internet access via satellite. As carrier costs are generally fixed to the provider, low-cost internet access is usually only possible if the provider oversells segment space on the satellite to maximize profits.

    How to spot this potential service trouble...

    Take a look at the contention ratio. Usually it will be greater than 25:1.

    Guess what? ... This practice sacrifices service at the subscriber's expense. Ultimately, too many subscribers sharing the same bandwidth segment on the satellite leads to overcrowding which causes service slow downs, congestion and impaired service.

    Really, what good is cheaper internet access if you can not use the service when you need it; or, the speed is just not delivered as advertised?

    How to choose a good provider...

    Quality will always be a top priority for any reliable ISP offering Iraq satellite service, and this is clearly reflected in lower contention ratios offered in their service packages, along with 24/7 customer service and tech support for its subscribers.

    In order to accomplish this, monthly subscription costs may be a bit higher than some competitors, but the end result is broadband satellite service that works.

    Good providers will also offer internet service without limitations (unlimited downloads and uploads), no long term service commitments, and no hidden fees. This is important for all subscribers, especially the soldiers and military personnel deployed at various locations around Iraq.

    An often overlooked, but very important feature is a local provider presence in Iraq. It is an important factor for quick satellite system distribution, installation and repairs, as needed.

    Iraq satellite service providers, who are committed to providing excellent service, continually update their operating systems as new technology becomes available. Some even offer an immediate spare parts replacement service.

    Look for providers who will guarantee network uptime in the ninety-plus percentile range. That means they stand behind their service, and you can expect it to work whenever you need it. These are the features that you need to look for when selecting a provider for Iraq satellite service and anywhere else for that matter.

    satellite internet diagram
    satellite communications
    operating diagram

    Equally important for dependable Iraq satellite service is ...

    Buying the right VSAT equipment

    Buy a reliable system that will deliver the communications solutions that you require. After all, it does no good to buy an expensive system that has features you will never use. Conversely, it isn't beneficial to buy a cheap system either, and discover that you're stuck in the middle of the desert with lousy equipment that doesn't work well.

    For most subscribers of Iraq satellite service whose requirements may include broadband internet access, emailing, webcam use, and single line
    satellite VOIP telephone service, the best equipment choice is the D-Star satellite system. Why? It's very efficient, scalable and highly dependable, and it costs a little under $2,000. plus shipping & handling charges.

    Linkstar terminal
    DStar/Linkstar modem

    D-Star is a 2-way,
    Very Small Aperture Technology, Ku band satellite system that is optimized for performance.

    D-Star delivers broadband Internet access to the Middle East at up to 4 Mbits/sec. via a very strong signal from either the Newskies NSS-6 or the ArabSat BADR-4 satellite.

    It works independently requiring only a power source for operation. Absolutely, no cable or phone lines are needed.

    The D-Star satellite system for Iraq satellite service consists of a small, lightweight, Linkstar terminal unit (pictured above) and a 1.2 meter dish antenna.

    It delivers a full featured broadband service to any location, even in the most remote areas.

    D-Star does not handle real time streaming applications, such as webcam and VOIP service as smoothly as an iDirect system.

    You may experience some chops and jitter with streaming during peak hours, but overall D-Star delivers a very satisfactory performance.

    If you require a communications system capable of more sophisticated applications, such as, VPN, VTC, P2P, multiple internet phone lines, or dedicated SCPC service, then iDirect is realistically the only system you should consider.

    iDirect offers the very best in satellite system technology available today with a capability to serve businesses and dedicated networks with ease. However, the technology does come with a premium that is about four to five hundred dollars more than the popular D-Star system. More about iDirect satellite systems.

    Selecting the right bandwidth service package

    for Iraq satellite service requires an honest appraisal of how you intend to use the service. Here's a checklist that will help determine how much bandwidth you will really need.

  • How many PCs will be connected to your network?
  • Do you need internet access only for browsing, webcam usage, instant messaging, and email activity?
  • Do you also intend to use an internet phone line?
    If so, on average, how many users will be connected to your network at the same time?
  • Do you have any other requirements for special service applications?
    i.e.- video conferencing, virtual private networks or other bandwidth intensive services

  • Since most internet usage involves more downloading than uploading of data, you will find that most providers offer greater download speeds with their service packages.

    Newskies NSS-6 D-Star Service Map
    Iraq Satellite Service Map

    The best way for individuals to save money on satellite equipment, installation, and monthly subscription costs is to form a network group of pten or more users.

    This measure will allow more people to enjoy the service at the same time at a lower cost per user.

    Many of the military personnel deployed in Iraq have found this suggestion to be the best solution for their service needs.

    Service availability

    Satellite communications are available throughout the country of Iraq. Here is a
    list of military camps and bases in Iraq where broadband internet service via satellite is currently operational.

    Iraq satellite service recommendation

    I believe that BusinessCom offers one of the best satellite services for Iraq. They are experts in providing satellite communications, including VOIP and wireless (WIFI) connectivity solutions for individuals, business, and government offices throughout the Middle East (see coverage map above).

    Currently, BusinessCom is the provider of choice for a large contingent of soldiers, military personnel, and civilian contractors deployed in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. This is because ...

    they offer one of the best combinations of delivery, installation, and pricing options, as well as, the most reliable services on the market. Learn more about military satellite internet service from BusinessCom.

    Request a free quotation for Iraq satellite service from BusinessCom (prompt reply within 24 hrs) and get all of the details on service and system costs, how to order the service, as well as, equipment delivery and installation options.

    For those of you who are do-it-yourself installers, here's a very helpful ...

    Dish pointing calculator for Iraq satellite service

    An excellent resource for anyone located in Iraq interested in correctly pointing their satellite dish antenna for optimum signal strength and service can be found at SatSig. Their satellite dish pointing calculator can be used for VSat and satellite tv dish pointing.

    The instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow with an extensive list of satellites, as well as, latitudinal and longitudinal information for some commom locations around Iraq. A great resource for the do-it-yourself satellite system installer!

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