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Mesh Satellite Networks

" ...reliable solutions for multiple dedicated communications links"

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Mesh Network SCPC Service

Mesh Satellite Networks -

provide a dependable solution when multiple dedicated communi- cations links are required.

They allow several VSATs in the same network to communicate with each other via a single relay link through the satellite.

The "single hop" nature of this network design leads to a minimal time delay between signal transmission and reception.

Historically, mesh networks have been an expensive application to provide dedicated satellite communications. However, modulation and compression improvements have helped to make this service more cost effective.

Mesh technology is best used for a group of VSATs that need to have real time applications between each site without the latency created by a double satellite hop with communications going through a teleport. iDirect offers a technological solution designed specifically for business critical connectivity over mesh networks. It's called the Infiniti 5000 satellite router.

Learn more about the features of the Infiniti 5000 iDirect satellite router to power your mesh network.

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