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Middle East Satellite Internet Provides
Reliable Service At These Military Locations

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Middle East satellite internet service, high speed internet access via satellite, is now available for most all army, air force, and other military locations throughout the Middle East. The following list identifies many of the military camps, air bases, naval installations, and army bases where internet service is currently available through independent providers.

End of a patrol

Photo Courtesy of U.S.Army

Bahrain Bases

    •   Manama•   Muharraq
    •   Mina Salman•   Shaikh Isa ABÂ

Kuwait Bases

    •   Ali Al Salem AB•   Middle East Naval Base
    •   Ahmed Al Jaber AB•   Mina Al Ahmadi
    •   Camden Yards•   The Kabals
    •   Failaka Island•   Udairi Range
    •   Middle East IAP [KCIA] 
    •   Camp Arifjan•   Camp Moreell
    •   Camp Big Sky Oasis•   Camp Navistar
    •   Camp Buehring•   Camp New Jersey
    •   Camp Champion•   Camp New York
    •   Camp Doha•   Camp Patriot
    •   Camp Fox•   Camp Spearhead
    •   Camp Guardian•   Camp Victory
    •   Camp Lancer•   Camp Virginia
    •   Camp Maine•   Camp Wolf
    •   Camp Betio•   Camp Ripper
    •   Camp Commando•   Camp Ryan
    •   Camp Coyote•   Camp Shoup
    •   Camp Matilda•   Camp Soloman Islands
    •   Camp Pelelieu 

Oman Bases

    •   Al Musnana AB•   Salalah
    •   Masirah AB•   Seeb AB
    •   Mina Qabus•   Thumrait AB
    •   Muscat 

Qatar Bases

    •   Al Udeid AB•   Doha IAP
    •   Camp Snoopy•   Falcon-78 ASP
    •   Camp As Sayliyah QA•   MesaieedÂ
    •   Doha•   Umm Said

Saudi Arabia Bases

    •   Dammam•   Khobar Towers
    •   Dhahran AB•   King Khalid Military City
    •   Eskan Village•   Prince Sultan AB
    •   Hofuf•   Riyadh AB
    •   Jeddah AB•   Tabuk AB
    •   Jeddah•   Taif AB
    •   Jubail•   Yanbu
    •   Khamis Mushayt AB 

United Arab Emirates Bases

    •   Al Dhafra AB•   Jebel Ali
    •   Fujairah•   Mina Zayed
    •   Fujairah IAP•   Port Rashid

The above listings represent all of the military locations where Middle East satellite internet service is available, except for Afghanistan and Iraq. If a base or camp of interest is not listed above, contact BusinessCom to verify service availability. Satellite communications services usually can be supported at any location throughout the Middle East that has an available source of electricity.

Satellite internet service is also available at military installations located in Afghanistan and Iraq. Find out about this exceptional communications service. Get the latest ...

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and, learn more about Iraq army internet service for civilian contractors and military personnel located everywhere in Iraq, as well as, Middle East army internet service for those stationed everywhere else throughout the Middle East.

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