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About This Site



My name is Hank.

I created this web site as a result of my own frustrating experiences with slow dial-up internet service several years ago. You see, dial-up just wasn't cutting it any more!

As download files were getting larger, internet browsing became slower and slower - to the point where web pages were taking almost forever to load. Anyone who has had to suffer through that experience knows just how frustrating slow Internet service can be.

The bottom line ...

without access to fast communications and information, it's more difficult to be as productive as we would like.

So, I decided to investigate all the possible solutions to replace my ineffective dial-up service in the city where I live, Providence, RI. My task was to...

find an Internet service that would provide faster speed without costing a fortune!

Sound familiar?

ku-band dish antenna
ku-band antenna

Well, back in 2001, high speed connectivity was in the process of becoming the new standard for accessing the Internet in many urban locations across the US.

Availability of dsl and cable broadband services made them the most popular high speed internet options, but it was satellite technology that attracted my attention.

Probably because the service is different in that it offers freedom from traditional land based networks. But after I discovered that satellites can deliver all of the same communications services as dsl and cable, I became even more intrigued.

The fact that satellite internet works virtually everywhere made me realize how beneficial and important this service can be for people and business, especially those located beyond the reach of land based networks. This amazing technology enables communications independent of any telephone or cable line. All that is required is an electric source to power the satellite system and you're good to go!

Think about this for a moment ...

isn't it incredible to be able to talk, fax, video or tele-conference from a ship at sea, an island resort, a mountain-top retreat or even a desert outpost without phone or cable lines?

Satellite technology makes it possible, and my fascination with this capability is what got me interested in sharing this information with you.

Through my research, I recognized the advantage of satellite communications services, as well as, the importance of providing information about them on this website.

To that end, I strive to offer helpful insight on the latest satellite technologies available so that people can communicate effectively, everywhere. In the process, I hope that my efforts will not only save you some research time but a little money, too! :-)

By the way ...

In case you may be wondering, I did not select satellite internet to replace my slow dial-up service. Living in the city with access to faster bandwidth speeds over local land based networks simply was the best solution for my needs.

It should be noted that ...

satellite service is an invaluable resource for acquiring internet access beyond the reach of local telco and cable networks, as well as, advanced communications services anywhere.

About My Success Secret

satellite in orbit

Most likely, you're visiting this site to learn more about satellite services and how these technologies can solve your communications needs wherever you may be in the world, and that's great!

I created satelliteinsight.com for this purpose, as well as, to help you connect with reputable dealers around the world who can deliver dependable satellite communications products and services.

Site Build It

I also thought that if you enjoy this website, you might be interested in knowing about my success secret for building it - an all-inclusive web site creation program called Site Build It!

The SBI program is a product of a web hosting company named SiteSell. And ...
they're pretty cool, too, because they cater to site building clients of all disciplines, especially beginners.

SBI helps you take any experience, knowledge or passion that you may have and share it with the world by creating an informative, helpful website.

And, ... it takes the anxiety out of site building, especially for the first time. More important, SBI shows you, step-by-step, how to build a web site without any technical or programming knowledge.

The program provides an entire suite of tools to help you succeed, including a video action guide, design templates, search engine optimization, unlimited support, and much more. The best part is that ...

>> no experience is necessary! <<

And, SBI even keeps you updated on the latest Internet trends and ways to make some money with your web site.

SiteSell and SBI have taught me how to create good, informative web pages that rank well with major search engines. You see, by creating pages that provide free, interesting information about topics in demand, I have been rewarded with free traffic referred from the search engines, and that's probably how you were able to find me.

The traffic, in turn, allows me to earn money with Google Adsense advertising, referrals, and other affiliate programs on this site. Instead of spending money to maintain this site, I am actually earning an income from it each month.

So, what can SBI do for you?

SBI offers you the opportunity to build a solid business online and achieve financial stability at the same time. It empowers you to take control of your life and have peace of mind in knowing that you don't have to depend on someone else to earn your living.

And, you know what? ...

The SBI program provides a completely risk-free guarantee. If you try SBI and decide it's not for you, SiteSell will give you a FULL refund.

If you're not sure what to create a web site about, SBI will show you how to identify profitable niche topics for potential web sites through it's Niche Build It module. This helps to ensure that you will not have to endure the disappointment of creating a web site about something for which there is no demand; or, just too much supply.

And get this ... SBI automatically notifies all the major search engines after you build each new web page so your business can be found. The entire process and the returns it can bring are simply astonishing!

Just check out these incredible results, then

take a look at these very inspiring videos and learn more about the kind of business success SBI can help you achieve.

Can SBI Work for You?

If you want to successfully generate an income online, I sincerely encourage you to learn more about Site Build It! - my success secret, and then give it a try. SBI has worked well for me, and I highly recommend it!

The best way to become more familiar with SBI and how it can help you is to take the Video Tour or (the Quick Tour if you're on dial-up internet).

And, if you have specific questions about how SBI can work for you, a live representative will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

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