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Nigeria Satellite Internet

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Nigeria satellite Internet service provides the latest connectivity solutions to meet the communications needs of an upwardly mobile country. These efficient satellite links meet ANY IP connectivity requirement and offer a consistently reliable connection with the rest of the world.

How Is It Done?

Satellite Internet access that delivers consistent speed and dependable service is best achieved by using satellites designed with the latest technology. A broad satellite coverage area together with a reliability factor of over 98% ensures that Nigerian subscribers receive the services they require to run their business and access mobile devices smoothly every single day!

What's more, recent studies indicate that the number of fixed-line subscribers in Nigeria is dwindling as its citizens become increasingly more mobile and productive.

As a result, the use of personal and business mobile devices has increased dramatically. It's now estimated that over 60 million mobile phone subscribers currently operate in Nigeria.

As this country becomes more technologically advanced, the general consensus is that this rate will continue to rise exponentially. Here's why Nigeria satellite internet links offer a ...

Mobile Access Advantage

With the growing number of mobile users, Nigeria satellite internet service offers a very attractive solution to provide Internet, mobile, and advanced communications services throughout the country and beyond. This is because satellite connectivity does not require costly, land based infrastructure to deliver communications all over Nigeria.

Also, for mobile users, Nigeria VSAT satellite service enables connectivity to global IP backbones from urban, as well as, remote areas and delivers a fast, dependable communications solution - something that is otherwise not available from other Internet services.

Even more convincing is the current state of PSTN (terrestrial) service which is generally unreliable and antiquated. In addition, established but technologically less advanced services, such as, NITEL (Nigeria Telecommunications Limited) and its mobile subsidiary provider, MTEL are unable to successfully compete with satellite connectivity solutions. Simply, they cannot deliver the same level of service consistency and dependability throughout the country that's available via satellite.

GSM Operator Opportunity

Almost as a saving grace, the recent deregulation of the existing mobile sector in Nigeria has enabled the introduction of GSM (Global Satellite Mobile) communication network providers such as MTN Nigeria, Globacom, Zain and Mtel. The ability of these providers and future GSM start-ups to secure links from dependable satellite providers bodes well for mobile technology users throughout Nigeria.

GSM providers and entrepreneurs seeking satellite links to support toll quality voice, data, and video transmissions will be pleased to know that such service is already available in Nigeria. It easily bolsters the delivery of media rich applications to handhelds, laptops and mobiles across Nigerian networks. As equally important, satellite networks' enhanced functionality ensures fast data throughput wherever a client may be in Nigeria.

Satellite Provider Recommendation

The satellite service I am talking about and one that I highly recommend is from BusinessCom. That's because they are one of the leading VSAT Nigeria service providers offering excellent coverage countrywide. They offer a service solution for remote internet access where hard wired solutions are simply not available. That's great for small office environments and Internet Cafe operations everywhere in country.

In addition to Nigeria satellite Internet access in remote areas, BusinessCom's services also provide a gateway for GSM operators to offer GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)

And, guess what...
with satellite links from BusinessCom, GSMs can deploy 3G networks to remote areas of Nigeria where previously only slow, "dial-up" speed was available. In fact, the use of data cards and USB dongles through cellular 3G networks is one of the fastest growing markets in Nigeria and across most African countries.

Recent figures show that Nigeria has over an 11% share of the total internet users in Africa as a whole with over 600 million wireless connections. For a business with vision there are endless opportunities for growth in the communications marketplace.

Nigeria satellite internet access from BusinessCom is an attractive service solution because there is no fibre optic backbone service throughout the country that's necessary for the delivery of land based broadband Internet services. This lack of connectivity makes the wireless technology of satellite Internet the best and only viable alternative.

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Business Grade Communications via Satellite
Featuring iDirect iNFINITI® and Evolution® Services

Satellite internet Africa service, featuring iDirect VSat systems, is available for the Sub-Saharan African continent, and nearby islands, including but not limited to the following countries:

• Angola  • Benin  • Botswana  • Burkina Faso  • Burundi
• Congo  • Cote d'Ivoire• Djibouti  • Equatorial Guinea  • Eritrea
• Ethiopia  • Gabon  • Gambia  • Ghana  • Guinea  • Guinea-Bissau
• Kenya  • Lesotho  • Liberia  • Madagascar  • Malawi  • Mali  • Mauritania
• Mauritius  • Mozambique  • Namibia  • Niger  • Nigeria
• Rwanda  • Sao Tome and Principe  • Senegal   • Seychelles
• Sierra Leone  • South Africa  • South Sudan  • Swaziland  • Tanzania

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