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Pacific Satellite IPTV
Revolutionizes Television and
Video Entertainment

"... with more choice and personalized entertainment that's cost-effective"

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Pacific satellite IPTV offers the latest distribution technology available for television and video entertainment, as well as, Web 2 communications access in the Pacific region. But, more than that, it's poised to become a leading method for people in Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands to enjoy television and video entertainment.

And, that's because this technology uses specialized satellite networks to provide a more efficient delivery and produce a higher quality service with more interactive features. But, exactly ....

What is Pacific Satellite IPTV?

It's television programming delivered over the Internet via satellite along with VOD (video-on-demand) movies and Web 2 communications services.

Sometimes called Internet TV, IPTV (short for internet protocol television) is a broadband television service delivered over a private, closed network separate from the one used for the Internet.

If you're in a hurry and you prefer ...

you can skip the details for now and go directly to my provider recommendation for satellite IPTV, VOD, and "Triple Play" services throughout Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The advantage of IPTV is ...

this method of delivery is less congested than the Internet. And, so it offers a more dependable and efficient service. Additionally, IPTV and VOD service provides exceptional, digital TV picture quality and sound that's compatible with all audio and video formats, including SD (standard definition), HD (high definition) 1080i/720p, and Dolby 5.1 digital sound.

DTH IPTV system

Not only is the picture quality stunning, but the service enables your TV to become an interactive resource with combined delivery of television programming, VOD, and Web2 technologies all available through one set top box.

Pacific satellite IPTV service is simple to install utilizing a CAT 5or 6 cable which connects an exterior mounted DTH (Direct to Home) antenna and set top box unit to your television.
No computer or additional equipment is required to receive service.

The DTH antenna used for satellite IP television may vary in size from 60 to 90 cm or about 2 to 3 feet in diameter, depending upon your service location. It's stature is small enough to make the installation inconspicuous yet provide exceptional operation.

Pacific Satellite IPTV availability

Pacific IPTV coverage map
Pacific Satellite IPTV coverage area

Pacific satellite IPTV, including video over IP (on-demand movie) service and Web 2 access is available throughout Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands

For residential applications, these services are usually delivered over a Ku and DTH antenna system via the Intelsat 5 satellite at 169° East or the Intelsat 8 satellite at 166° East.

Pacific satellite IPTV is also available as part of a "Triple Play" (Internet, voice and TV) service package via C-band VSat systems utilizing the AsiaSat 4 satellite at 122.2° East.
Click here to learn more about Oceanic's Triple Play Service online,
or right-click to download this (pdf file).

Pacific satellite IPTV and VOD features

service over a Foxtel and Austar approved system. A Verimatrix VCAS (Video Content Authority System) has been implemented and approved to provide content security. This system meets scrambling and encryption requirements by offering a more sophisticated level of content protection than traditional smart card based systems.

Television programming and video content is country specific and entertainment options will vary according to location; however, agreements with most DTH providers in the region enable viewers to enjoy popular offerings, such as, Star TV, Australia Network, Fox, ESPN, and National Geo.

Additionally, Video-On-Demand service features top ten Hollywood movies, as well as, niche looped programming updated on a local server to provide the latest entertainment options available. An electronic program guide is a standard provision with all set top boxes.

Web 2 technologies, such as, social networking sites like Face Book, YouTube and MySpace are interactively accessible through the set top box which also provides other popular features including gaming and weather forecasts. IPTV program subscriptions currently range in cost from approximately $30. to $50. per month, and VOD movies are $12. per selection.

Why Pacific satellite IPTV?

Internet television service via satellite is easy to receive and it offers a combination of benefits for its subscribers that traditonal cable, pay satellite TV, and locally distributed tv networks do not presently offer for this region. These include ...

check greater service reliability/less weather related interference

check better entertainment choice with interactive features

check personalized programming selection with greater content control

check subscription cost equal to existing MATV service means no added expense

Together, these benefits make Pacific satellite IPTV a favorable choice for receiving television and video entertainment service throughout the vast Pacific region. So ...

Who is Pacific Satellite IPTV for?

Ideally, it's suitable for both residential and commercial applications, such as, the hospitality sector (i.e. hotels and resorts), mining industry dongas, as well as, local Internet service providers.

IPTV service is flexible in the sense that it deploys very quickly with CAT 5 or 6 cable, but it can also operate effectively over existing RF cable (RG 6 & RG 11) installations. This means re-wiring is not necessary which SAVES time and money.

For local networks, the Pacific satellite IPTV solution can be provided over VSAT or DTH antenna and transcoded into IP for distribution over wireless or fiber optic networks.

Recent service refinements enable this service to perform well over 200 Mbps wireless networks. Additional operating expenses can be saved with the use of wind or solar powering of those networks.

But that's not all ...

for the hospitality industry, in addition to IPTV programming and VOD services, the interactive set top box offers hoteliers expanded capabilities to communicate with their guests. This can be achieved through banner advertising, guest messaging, and guest service requests/reservations via the set top box.

Click here to learn more about Oceanic's IPTV Solution online,
or right-click to download it.(pdf file)
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What's more...

if a hotel or resort facility is interested in providing IP telephony and broadband internet service together with television programming for its guests, Pacific satellite IPTV is an excellent fit. This combination (voice, Internet, TV), known as "Pacific Triple Play" service, can be provided over a single cable via C-band VSAT satellite system.

There's no need for having countless oulets, taps, amplifiers or splitters. One IP network offers better reliability, and one skill set (IT Network Engineer) is all that's required for support and maintenance.

More about Pacific Satellite IPTV

I believe that the Pacific satellite IPTV solution is poised to become a popular choice for video entertainment throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands as people learn more about this service.

Oceanic Broadband is emerging as a leading provider of IPTV programming via satellite in these areas because they offer good, dependable service with competitive pricing. And, above all ...

your satisfaction is important to them!

If you are looking for a fresh, new approach to tv programming and video entertainment that offers a combination of quality, selection and price, consider Pacific satellite IPTV service from Oceanic Broadband. Their service is second to none, and I highly recommend them! :-)

Contact Tony Waters at Oceanic Broadband for complete details on

Pacific Satellite IPTV programming with Video-On-Demand movie service and Web 2 technologies access; or, as a part of Pacific Triple Play service, today!

Contact Oceanic Broadband for Satellite IPTV, VOD, and Triple Play Solutions

Satellite IPTV and Triple Play Service Solutions for Asia, Australia,
and the Pacific Islands

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