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PNG VSAT Communications

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PNG VSAT services are now available for all of Papua New Guinea. They provide vital communications to and from this island nation with the rest of the world via satellite.

From the capital city of Port Moresby to the most remote locations of numerous islands off-shore, satellite links deliver broadband Internet, VOIP (internet phone), and IPTV video programming services to keep people and business in-touch and entertained.

As in many other Pacific Island locations, these VSAT services are a real boon to the economy of Papua New Guinea because local telecommunications infrastructure is otherwise limited by rugged terrain, remote offshore islands, and dense tropical rainforests.


Without limitation, PNG VSAT, (short for Papua New Guinea Very Small Aperture Technology) service, delivers dependable communications solutions, including satellite Internet and WiFi telephony, anywhere within the country.

Leading providers use iDirect technology along with C-band satellite dish systems to create a viable service solution. And, that is...

C-band sat dish
C-Band Sat. Dish

dependable business-grade Internet access with consistent service speed, quality, and availability, even during periods of heavy tropical rains.

Learn more about C-Band satellite systems and why they are so effective in tropical locales.

Internet service quality is also enhanced through the use of acceleration, compression and QoS transmission technologies to reduce the effects of satellite latency. At the same time, low service contention ratios help reduce the possibility of service congestion and potential related slowdowns.


In my opinion, Oceanic Broadband offers a very dependable service with the best combination of solutions and delivery options for communications needs anywhere in Papua New Guinea.

PNG VSAT services are conveniently provided through Oceanic's iDirect hub in Port Moresby. This new gateway enables them to deliver fixed price inter-office connectivity for business, education, government, and industrial operations anywhere within the country.

solar/wind installation
Solar/Wind Power

In addition to dedicated backbone and enterprise connectivity, Oceanic offers unique business communications solutions throughout Papua New Guinea.

These include unlimited use, business-grade satellite Internet access, private VSAT networks,as well as, mobile and WiFi telephony solutions - all with wind/solar powering options for off grid support.

Oceanic is proud to have designed and created the PNGARNET University Satellite Network. This customized network delivers broadband Internet, secure corporate VPN traffic, IPTV and video conferencing via satellite amongst 21 educational institutions in various locations throughout Papua New Guinea.

Learn more about Oceanic's Customized Communications Solutions online,
including the PNGARNET University Network in Papua New Guinea
(right-click to download this brochure - pdf format)

Get detailed service and pricing information on PNG VSAT solutions to meet your communications needs, contact Oceanic Broadband, today!

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