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Point-to-Point Satellite Service

...a simple approach for direct link dedicated communications

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Point-To-Point SCPC Service

A Point-To-Point
Satellite Network

provides a dedicated SCPC link between two sites that are located within the same satellite

Depending upon the satellite and provider, some links can deliver high bandwidth speeds of up to 155Mbps which is comparable to a terrestrial leased line connection.

These networks easily support voice, video, and data transmissions utilizing a standard data/voice multiplexer, an SCPC satellite modem, and a VSAT terminal at each site.

This is a very simple approach for point-to-point networks as communications are only between the two sites. Similarly, Point-To-MultiPoint satellite connectivity is a network configuration composed of multiple Point-To-Point SCPC connections.

There is no connectivity to the teleport which requires the satellite signal to make a double hop. More important, the quality of real time applications is not affected.

And, guess what?...
there are no costs associated with the usage of a teleport or backhaul which makes this a less expensive solution!

iDirect offers the technology to make your satellite network operate reliably and efficiently. Learn more about the Infiniti 3000 and other iDirect satellite routers available to power your point-to-point or point-to-multipoint satellite network.

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