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Satellite Internet Middle East Service Offers A Better Communications Link

"...Simply, Because It's Fast, Reliable, and Cost-Effective!"

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Satellite internet Middle East service from BusinessCom utilizes cutting-edge technologies to deliver cost-effective, high speed communications solutions for a wide variety of clientele.

As a result, they are able to offer one of the most economical satellite systems available in the Middle East market today featuring D-Star technology.

These VSat systems are scalable, high performance terminals that have been designed to deliver affordable, next generation communications solutions via satellite.

D-Star technology is used typically in environments where Internet access is the primary application and no special services, such as, VPN, VTC, hosting, or multiple VOIP lines are needed.

D-Star is the ideal solution for those seeking satellite internet Middle East service for small ISP operations, Internet Cafe or small to medium business environments. Additionally, a large contingent of deployed military personnel throughout the Middle East use D-Star systems every day to communicate with family and friends back home.

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For more intensive business demands, the iDirect VSAT systems can support virtually any communications requirement for a wide range of service environments including Office, Enterprise networks, call centers, corporations with multiple business locations, as well as, professional backbone connectivity for ISPs, WISPs and internet cafe business of any scale. iDirect can accomodate the growing needs of your business efficiently and cost-effectively.

In addition to internet access, iDirect can easily manage more demanding services like video conferencing, broadcasting, Virtual Private Networking, VTC, P2P, and multiple Voice Over Internet Phone lines.

It is one of the best satellite technologies available today and recognized for its consistent all-weather performance and stability. Clients especially love its crisp, snappy response and toll-quality VoIP support. More about iDirect satellite systems.

As one of the leading providers of satellite internet Middle East service,

contact BusinessCom

Enterprise class business communications
featuring D-Star and iDirect satellite systems

Satellite internet Middle East service area
Satellite Internet Middle East
NSS-7 coverage

They offer the latest communications technology including

DVB/RCS, DVB/SCPC, SCPC/SCPC, Dedicated DVB-S2, and Frame Relay Over Satellite via D-Star or iDirect platforms operating in either Ku or C-band frequency.  Services include ...

D-Star service - among the best low cost VSAT solutions for small office network usage.

D-Star offers up to 4 mbit/s burstable broadbandInternet access via satellite in the Middle East. Dynamic bandwidth allocation makes it more efficient and faster than other TDMA systems.

D-Star Professional service on the new RSCC Express AM-22 and AM-11 satellites - an economical backbone connectivity solution for small ISP and ITSP business where 100% CIR link is a pre-requisite.

iDirect service for fixed satellite systems with download speeds up to 6 Mbps. Flexible satellite solutions for educational, government, institutional, and corporate environments, as well as, Internet Cafe, Calling Centers, ISPs, military and mission-critical operations with streaming requirements via Telstar-10, ArabSat BADR-4, or NSS-7.

Innovative hybrid service solutions for Internet Cafes and ISPs present an economical option for startups and small operations. It provides up to 50% savings on operating expenses enabling entrepreneurs to offer internet service via satellite at very competitive rates!

Business-class support for IP Telephony services including Voice Over IP and Video conferencing. SLA quality service guarantee (BIR and CIR bandwidth) with 98.2% annual network uptime.

Professional backbone connectivity services covers most of the globe via terrestrial teleports linked to Equant/GlobalOne, British BTIgnite, UUNet/TeliaSonera, American, and Level(3) backbones with 99.95% annual network uptime.

Perhaps, the most important reason why you should consider this satellite communications service is ...

...The BusinessCom Advantage

which offers you a wide range of solutions for satellite internet Africa service - all with low contention and flexible BIR to CIR ratios. Added individual QoS setup at each site makes the service outstanding. For you, this means

checkless service congestion

checkgreater dependability

checkmore productive operations

Best of all ...   BusinessCom's service includes

>> unlimited satellite internet access <<

And, ... there are No service restrictions, hidden fees or Fair Access Policy provisions with any of BusinessCom's internet service packages.

Why is this important? ...

You can enjoy cost-effective communications, be more productive and potentially more profitable.

For added peace of mind ...

all of BusinessCom's satellite systems come with a 12 month immediate spare parts replacement warranty. Learn about available solutions for your communications needs with service you can trust!

Satellite internet Middle East service, featuring D-Star and iDirect VSat systems, is available to the entire Middle East region, including but not limited to:

• Afghanistan  • Bahrain  • Cyprus  • Iran  • Iraq  • Israel  • Jordan
• Kyrgyzstan  • Kuwait  • Lebanon  • Oman  • Pakistan  • Qatar
• Saudi Arabia  • Syria  • Tajikistan  • Turkey  • Turkmenistan
• United Arab Emirates &nbs• Uzbekistan  • Yemen

See above coverage map


usually requires you to obtain a VSAT equipment import and VSAT utilization permit from local governmental authorities before purchasing a satellite system. If you need satellite service in Turkey, please contact your local Ministry of Telecommunications in order to obtain more details on how to import and use the VSAT system in your country.

For satellite internet Middle East service availability, system details, and pricing,

Contact BusinessCom

with your service requirements, today!
(prompt reply to all inquiries)

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