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Satellite ISP Tips and Tricks to
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Are you currently a Satellite ISP (internet service provider), WISP (wireless internet service provider) or internet cafe owner? Or, ...

are you interested in providing any of these services in the future?

New technology and equipment now make it possible for you to offer high speed internet access, business quality IP telephony (VOIP) and video-conferencing services via satellite.


you can provide these services cost effectively, even in the most remote areas of the world. ISP backbone connectivity via satellite is available for ISPs in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, North America, South America, or anywhere in between.

If you're thinking about ... starting an Internet Cafe, Satellite ISP, WISP business; or, you are an existing provider looking for better satellite service for your subscribers, then read on. However,

if you're in a hurry and you prefer ...

you can skip the details for now and go right to my provider recommendations for satellite ISP services around the world.

Important choices like ...

deciding which satellite service to use, how much bandwidth you need and which equipment to invest in can be confusing. The following information will help you to make informed decisions and maximize your Satellite ISP business.

So, whether you are just starting out; or, you already have an ISP, cybercafe, or internet cafe business, check out these
satellite isp tips. They can help you get the most out of backbone satellite communications service and save money at the same time!

But, the first satellite ISP tip is ...

Get the Right Equipment!

In order to successfully provide reliable communications services via satellite, you need to use the right equipment. This is an area where you really can not afford to skimp. And ... the best equipment choice to develop your network beyond the limitations of the wired world is produced by iDirect Technologies. What's more,...

iDirect is widely recognized as the leading technology in satellite communications around the world because its VSAT - Very Small Aperture Technology systems have performed consistently, reliably, and efficiently in all weather conditions - from desert sandstorms and frigid snowfalls to heavy tropical rains.

Also, iDirect can easily handle any business communication demand via satellite for any size subscriber group. It's no coincidence that iDirect is the preferred VSat platform required to operate the backbone for Satellite ISP, WISP businesses, and internet or cyber cafes worldwide.

iDirect Infiniti 5100 router
iDirect 5100 router

The heart of this iDirect backbone system is the Infiniti® 5100 router which has been specifically designed for business critical applications.

This all-in-one router unit includes the modems, TCP acceleration prioritization and QoS technologies all built-in to one neat package. Together with a high performance satellite dish antenna, they make up the total operating system hardware.

Altogether, this iDirect backbone system provides a satellite ISP with the flexibility to startup with a less expensive BIR/CIR connectivity solution and upgrade smoothly to more costly dedicated SCPC (single channel per carrier) service, if required, as business grows. This is done without the need to invest in additional equipment which translates into substantial cost savings in the long run.

The 5100 router can support download speeds of up to 18 Mbps and uploads of up to 4.2 Mbps in the SCPC mode. It also offers high bandwidth efficiency at both the satellite and IP communications levels.

In addition to IP efficiency, this router provides network design, power, space, management, and logistics - all in one hub. All of these features combined mean lower operational costs for you. Speed, dependability, versatility, and cost savings make this iDirect IP VSAT system one of the most efficient on the market. More about
iDirect systems.

In case you didn't know ...

the iDirect systems operate on either C-band (4-8 GHz frequency) or the high powered Ku-band (12-18 Ghz frequency). This convenience gives you the flexibility to select a system and satellite service, depending upon your location, that suits your service needs. C-band is the preferred equipment choice in areas where atmospheric conditions make satellite signal transmission and reception more challenging.

The C-band system normally uses a larger 2.4 meter satellite dish for improved signal transmission and better all-weather operating capability. However, some circumstances, including remote locations and areas where extreme weather conditions exist, require larger 3.0 meter or even 3.7 meter satellite dish antennas.

C-band equipment is more expensive than the Ku-band system which normally employs a smaller, 1.8 meter satellite dish. But it should be noted that while C-band equipment costs more, the monthly subscription charge for satellite bandwidth is less expensive than Ku-band service. More about C and ku band frequency service.

For peace of mind ...

The Infiniti® 5100 router mentioned above comes with a 1 year replacement warranty from iDirect - one of the best assurances in the industry. You'll also have the confidence in knowing that any failures beyond the warranty can be quickly corrected with an inventory of parts with long term availability.

Building Provider Networks

Learn how to build competitive service offerings to satisfy customer specific needs in data, voice and video through Building Provider Networks. It's a very informative book that delivers vital technical and business guidance for the internet service provider marketplace.

Another valuable resource for ISP/WISP business operators is Developing IP-Based Services. It's a very good book that offers exceptional insight based on practical experience for service providers to start profitable, value-added network services businesses.

Another important satellite ISP tip to remember is that...

...reliability is in the connection!

It's very simple. Without a good backbone, you have no dependable service to offer. Here are some important service characteristics to look for and consider in order to ensure good, dependable satellite service for your customers -

  • Consider satellite isp backbone connectivity from providers who guarantee at least 98% annual network uptime with a Service Level Agreement
    Providers who offer an SLA guarantee stand behind their service, and you can be assured that connectivity will be available for your subscribers 24/7/365 with minimal, if any, service outage.

  • Be certain that backbone satellite isp service is secured through highly reputable satellite operators

  • Verify that your provider's teleport operates with back-up landline connections at the same time.
    This is known as redundant terrestrial connectivity. It's necessary to provide a vital backbone link with major Tier-1 operators, such as, SWIP, AT&T, UUNet, Deutsche Telekom, Level(3) and MCI®. These operators provide the most reliable peer connections to important European and United States backbones.

But wait .... there's more!

Here are some other great satellite ISP tips and tricks ...

Service Options That Will SAVE You Money

As a startup satellite ISP; or, even as an existing small ISP operation, 100%
dedicated SCPC backbone service is not absolutely necessary to address all of the communications needs of your subscribers.

It can be very costly, and not all applications require full time dedicated access. Actually, you really do not have to acquire SCPC service until your business grows to the point where this expense can be justified.

Instead, look for a provider who is flexible with his services -
one who can deliver a mix of CIR- Committed Information Rate (dedicated) service to accomodate VOIP (internet telephony), tele-conferencing and streaming video applications as needed and BIR - Burstable Information Rate (shared) service for Internet browsing, email, and file downloads.

This type of hybrid service combination is known as iDirect enabled backbone service. It performs comparably to Single Channel Per Carrier service, but studies have shown that it is up to 50% less expensive than SCPC service when subscriber levels are less than 2,000 in number.

The best part ...

It can also be easily upgraded to SCPC service, as needed, without any further investment in equipment. So, the service can grow seamlessly as your satellite isp business grows!

In addition to significant savings over exclusive SCPC service, iDirect backbone service permits you to offer inexpensive broadband connectivity at very competitive rates. Also, it will allow you to compete for new subscribers from other ISPs who are using older, less efficient access technologies.

Keep in mind that ...

shared bandwidth or BIR service for a satellite ISP/WISP should have a contention ratio of at least 1:8. This ratio refers to the number of other users who would be sharing the same segment space on the satellite. Accordingly, the lower the ratio, the more responsive the service will be.

The 1:8 ratio is one of the best ratios for bandwidth intensive environments, such as ISP and Hot Spot applications. It is the industry standard for high quality broadband internet access worldwide, and it is commonly used in terrestrial frame relay connections throughout Europe and the United States.

And, always order ...

Voice Over IP telephony services from an international carrier with a global IP network like MCI®. Such networks provide redundancy which produces the lowest transit latency,as well as, a high success call ratio for internet telephony and fax services.

The end result is first class service for your subscribers. Acquiring this business quality VOIP service from your satellite backbone service provider saves time and is less costly than arranging such services independently.

It should be noted that ...

satellite ISP and internet cafe operators can extend the reach of their networks up to 40 km by utilizing wireless access points in a local area network. This wireless backbone service will allow you to provide internet access to local businesses and neighborhoods beyond the reach of local infrastructure 24/7; thus increasing revenues and reducing overall operating costs.

Learn how smart service solutions for Satellite WISP operators saves money and expands your LAN reach at the same time!

ISP Survival Guide

A very important issue facing ISP operators today involves liability. New governmental regulations may have a great impact on how you do business. Learn which ones affect you and how to protect yourself in the
ISP Liability Survival Guide.

Perhaps, one of the most important satellite ISP tips lies in the fact that ...

Great Service Begins...

with a reliable provider.

Not all satellite backbone service providers can deliver the services required for satellite ISP, internet cafe, hot spot or enterprise network operation efficiently.

In order for for you to compete with other internet service providers and deliver mult-media rich connectivity services to end users competitively, you need to start with the right service. In my opinion, iDirect enabled backbone service is the answer, especially for small to medium sized ISP/WISP operations. You can get the ...

details on iDirect satellite ISP service

from a provider who has satellite industry expertise with access to services from a fleet of over 19 satellites worldwide and partnerships with some of the best technology providers in the world. That provider is

They offer iDirect enabled backbone solutions to promote business growth for minimal ISP service, as well as, tradional SCPC service for large segment ISP operations. For additional SCPC service options, see provider listing for specific regions below.

Inquire how iDirect satellite backbone service from BusinessCom
can deliver the ISP communications services you need
and Save you Money!

Contact BusinessCom, today!

Contact BusinessCom for Satellite ISP Solutions
Providers of Satellite ISP Backbone Service Worldwide!

Excellent SCPC Service for the Asia/Pacific Region

is available from
Oceanic Broadband. They specialize in the delivery of SCPC service via satellite and wireless networks for ISP operations throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Oceanic offers value added end-to-end service solutions with optional wind/solar powering of satellite and wireless networks for increased energy efficiency and cost-effective operations.

Contact Oceanic Broadband about their SCPC service recommendations
for Satellite ISPs, now!
(prompt reply to all inquiries)

Contact Oceanic Broadband for Satellite ISP Solutions

Satellite ISP Solutions for Asia, Australia,
and the Pacific Islands

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VSat Networks

An excellent source of detailed information on VSAT systems and their role in the construction of satellite networks is VSat Networks by Gérard Maral.

The book includes and in depth discussion on dedicated satellite communications with regard to network configuration, as well as, the economies of such endeavors and the operational and regulatory aspects of these services.

Get VSat Networks here

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