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Surfing the internet, I discovered some cool satellite related resources that I think you will enjoy. Some are free, but all will help you become more informed about satellite communications, our planet Earth and even the heavenly universe around us. These useful links provide information about -

Satellite Images and Maps


Imagine visiting famous landmarks and sites around the globe with your computer screen as your window to the world. Zoom in close or get a bird's eye view and save your searches, if you like! The magic of satellite imagery allows you to see virtually any location on Earth, including your house, from space.

See constellations and planets as you explore space and beyond. Check out
Google Earth and the satellite related resources available to you. It's an exciting way to explore terrain, landscapes, popular destinations, and buildings around the globe in three dimensional perspective. You can even gaze at the night time sky above any location on Earth.

Best of all ... it's Free, educational and fun. Enjoy! :-)

Download Google Earth here

History buffs will enjoy ...

an interesting history of US satellite communications technology presented in a satellite chronology by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. You will also find photo and video galleries here on space flight and exploration and aeronautics that are inspiring and fascinating. There's even a Space Calendar of the year's upcoming space related events and activities. Visit the NASA website, today!

For the latest information on satellites, ...

including satellite rental and service availability, coverage maps, and satellite radio and tv programming around the world, visit LyngSat.

Satellite calculations, etc...

You can get information on azimuth, elevation and polarization calculations for satellite dish pointing; or, use a host of other free satellite calculation tools at
Online Satellite Calculations. There's also a link budget calculator, as well as, a ton of useful and informative links to additional satellite related resources.

An excellent source for VSat and satellite tv dish pointing for Iraq can be found at SatSig. The instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow with an extensive list of satellites, as well as, latitudinal and longitudinal information for some common locations around Iraq. A great resource for the do-it-yourself satellite system installer!

For the D.I.Y. Installer

iDirect Infiniti Series satellite systems (3000 * 5000 * 7000 routers) can be self-installed with a Pdf instruction manual (downloadable below). To make the entire installation process even easier, iDirect Infiniti satellite systems come with a handy, built-in signal meter to help you align the system to the satellite without the need of any special instruments.

But, if you have hit a little snag while installing your iDirect system, here's the guide to get you back on track and your system up and running smoothly.

iDirect Infiniti Satellite Systems Installation Guide - Pdf format
(Click to view on-line or right-click to download)

If you enjoy doing things yourself, then a visit to GeoOrbit is just what you need. It has charts and information on everything about satellites and links to satellite system installation equipment, how-to procedures and more. Check out the great satellite related resources available to you from GeoOrbit. It's worth the trip!

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