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Star Satellite Networks

" ...hub and spoke dedicated communications solutions"

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Star Network SCPC Service

Star Satellite Networks

or Hub & Spoke dedicated satellite service is designed so that all signal transmissions to and from an individual VSAT must be routed through a central location or hub.

This network configuration is suitable when a large number of VSATs transmit a large number of low bandwidth intensive transactions that are organized at a central location (hub).

Typical applications for Star networks are corporate networks with a Headquarters and remote offices, credit card verification and inventory control. The efficiency of star toplogy networks in delivering dedicated satellite communications services can be greatly improved with the use of DVB-S2/ACM technology that's featured with the new iDirect Evolution X3 router.

The X3 router is specifically designed, with the use of Adaptive Coding Modulation (ACM) on the outbound channel, to optimize the efficiency of satellite capacity. This in turn enables increased capabilities for an iDirect supported star network.

Learn more about the advantages of using this new technology together with the Evolution X3, X5 or Infiniti 5000 iDirect satellite routers for your star network.

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