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Overlook This US Army Internet -
Middle East Service

And, You Will Miss Out On A Great Connection!

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Are you deploying to the Middle East ...

... and want internet access without breaking the bank?

Well, consider US Army Internet Middle East service from, BusinessCom, one of the region's most dependable providers. It's a cost-effective satellite communications service for deployed personnel from A-L-L branches of the military, as well as, civilian contractors.

The service is ideal for those who need fast, efficient, and reliable internet access to stay in touch with family and loved ones back home.

About US Army Internet Middle East Service

Service from BusinessCom provides internet access, as well as, advanced communications throughout the entire region using two satellites - ArabSat BADR-4 and the Eutelsat W-6.

Satellite communications services are delivered over the ku frequency band utilizing iDirect satellite systems.

In addition to e-mail and internet access, these systems support a wide variety of communications services, including streaming video applications, web cam transmissions, instant messaging, and VOIP (internet phone), such as, Skype - with Unlimited calls to landlines worldwide. They also very capably deliver more demanding functions, such as, VPNs, RPNs, and video conferencing. But, here's ...

...what makes this service attractive

"I want to thank you all for all
the help you have given me
along the way, and to say how
much I enjoyed the service,
never really had any problems
with it, when I did you were
quick to solve them for me. If I
ever return to this area, I will
definitely look you guys up again."

Kevin S.,
US Army

BusinessCom understands that being far away from home is very difficult, but staying in touch with family and loved ones does not have to be expensive.

To that end, it offers US Army Internet Middle East service that's good, reliable and competitvely priced.

Their service has NO hidden fees or costs and NO long term contracts, PLUS these other great service features ~

check NO service restrictions or monthly download/upload limits
- Unlimited Internet access

check NO Fair Access Policy provisions or service activation fees

check Convenience and privacy with quick system delivery and setup
 - can be installed in living quarters (tents, trailers, buildings) anywhere

And ... for quickest service,

satellite equipment can be shipped direct to all locations throughout the Middle East including Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., and Quatar.

Speedy system delivery to all military bases from a central warehouse location in Dubai enables fast system set-up and satellite service activation. (usually less than a couple of weeks after order)

Service location availability

NSS-12 Middle East coverage
NSS-12 Middle East
satellite coverage

A strong beam from the ArabSat BADR-4 satellite @ 26° East, and the EutelSat W-6 satellite @ 21.5° East assures the availability of communications services throughout the entire region.

These services are operational at practically every air force, army, navy and marine base or camp in the Middle East.

Here's a list of military locations in Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as, other countries in the Middle East where US Army Internet Middle East service from BusinessCom is currently available. And, if you're thinking ...

About service reliability

US Army Internet Middle East service offers great satellite connectivity that delivers a network uplink efficiency of 98%. This excellent rating gives you the reassurance of knowing that the service will be available whenever you need it with minimal outages.

Equipment and Service

"I would like to thank you
for your exemplary support
while I was deployed here.
Your service and product
are second to none!
Thank you very much!!"

Chris M.
FOB Warhorse, US Army

BusinessCom offers its subscribers a choice of two very reliable systems from iDirect technologies - Infiniti and Evolution X3.

For those with more intensive communications requirements including internet access, multiple VOIP (internet phone) lines, and video streaming capability, the iDirect Infiniti sat system offers the best solution to support all of these needs at the same time with ease.

Specifically, the iDirect Infiniti 3100 series router and satellite dish system offers an ideal solution for small to medium networks supporting all of the above IP services with the capability to serve networks of more than a hundred PCs (size is limited only by the bandwidth service package selected).

For small networks with basic communications needs, NEW XT-iDirect service featuring the Evolution X3 satellite system is your best choice because it's less expensive, very efficient, and highly reliable.

Both systems used for US Army Internet Middle East service are scalable and support high performance delivery of broadband Internet access at download speeds of up to 4 Mbps. These systems are durable and designed to perform consistently under a variety of service demands from small subscriber groups to large networks. More about iDirect satellite routers.

iDirect Ku band sat system
iDirect ku-band
satellite system

All ku band satellite systems include router, appropriately sized dish antenna and all necessary cables. Satellite dish size is determined by service location and may vary between 1.2 M and 1.8 M for most locations in the Middle East.

If you're wondering about ...

Bandwidth service packages

Infiniti iDirect service via ArabSat BADR-4 satellite operates over the ku band and is available in either Enterprise level (1:10 contention ratio) or Office level (1:20 contention ratio) configuration. Here's a look at some typical Infiniti iDirect service packages In addition ...

NEW XT-iDirect Evolution service via EutelSat W-6 satellite operates over the ku band and is available on three service levels - Priority (1:2 ratio), Business (1:4 ratio), and Premium (1:10 ratio). Take a peek at some
typical XT-iDirect Evolution packages suited for small networks.

Learn about contention ratios and which service level may be best for your situation, as well as, other satellite internet tips and tricks for the military with our Middle East satellite service guide!

Service Flexibility

"I and my fellow soldiers are
enjoying the service! Thanks."

Jason C., Major
US Army

US Army Internet Middle East service from BusinessCom offers new subscribers lower equipment costs and monthly service charges.

It easily accomodates those who presently have another satellite service and wish to change without incurring a great expense.

If you have one of the following satellite systems - DIRECWAY/HughesNet (DW-4000, DW-4020, DW-6000 or DW-7000), Bentley Walker StarPro/LinkStar, or Gilat Skystar Advantage/Skyblaster, often, all you need to do is purchase a new modem to receive service with your existing satellite system (subject to compatibility). Contact BusinessCom for equipment verification.

My Recommendation

In a highly competitive environment, BusinessCom's service stands on its own merits for being affordable, reliable and very efficient. They understand the importance of keeping expenses to a minimum for deployed military personnel and civilian contractors in the Middle East. To that end, every effort is made to accomodate their subscribers' communications needs quickly and cost effectively.

For their consistently good and dependable service, BusinessCom is one of the top providers of US Army Internet Middle East service, and I highly recommend them.

Free VOIP Internet Phone Service

BusinessCom now offers a Free IP phone and Free internet phone service to all new satellite service subscribers from the US Military. Make Free calls to anywhere in the United States with 10,000 minutes per month per account. Follow the above link for details.

Obtain free information and pricing for
US Army Internet Middle East
satellite service
without obligation

Contact BusinessCom, today!

***24 hour priority response to all
"Military Personnel" service inquiries***

Contact BusinessCom for army satellite internet service
A leading provider of satellite internet access
for the military throughout the Middle East.

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