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Video Streaming Via Satellite

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Video streaming via satellite in order to view television programming over the Internet is indeed possible today. With the proper equipment and the right satellite service, you can enjoy video presentations virtually anywhere. These may include sporting events, movies, tv programs, etc., but you will need to treat these services with great care when used over a satellite link.

Dedicated Recommendation

That's because Internet video broadcasts consist of continuous data streams which require dedicated (also known as CIR - Committed Information Rate) bandwidth in order to experience them with guaranteed voice and video quality. By guaranteed, I mean a presentation that's crystal clear, in-time, and without jitter.

For the dedicated link, an SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier), 1:1, satellite broadband connection is recommended because it's the only way to ensure bandwidth availability at all times for video streaming via satellite.

The problem with this solution is that, for most individuals, a dedicated satellite link is not a viable option because of the great expense involved.

You see, with dedicated service, you rent your own part of the satellite transponder, and that bandwidth is not shared with anybody else. In other words, this bandwidth is always available to you whenever you need it. That's why the service is so expensive!

Cost Factor

Depending upon which satellite provider you choose, a 1 Mbps Rx download/1 Mbps Tx upload dedicated satellite link, for example, will cost about $6,000. USD per month.

However, if you are willing to forego guaranteed voice and video quality for a presentation that will provide a satisfactory but NOT crystal clear viewing experience, then there is a less expensive solution that you may wish to consider. I'll discuss this option in greater detail shortly.

First, here's some information ...

About Video Streaming Services

Effective broadcast of video streaming services over a satellite link depends upon packets of voice and video data being continually transmitted and assembled at the destination (receiving source) for viewing. Any interruption of this process because of unavailable bandwidth, latency or insufficient technology to support this service will result in a less than enjoyable viewing experience. So, what type of satellite service can I use?

Consumer-grade Consideration

If you are considering the use of a consumer-grade service, such as HughesNet, WildBlue or similar, to stream video via satellite over the Internet, my advice is think about this very carefully.

I do not recommend consumer-grade satellite services for this purpose because none of them will support video streaming with any degree of success. They simply do not offer the technology nor the service consistency required to stream video effectively.

This is important for you to understand, especially if you are located in an area where little or no landbased networks exist and you need to depend upon satellite Internet for your communications services. Your satellite service selection will be critical.

Any attempt to stream video over a consumer-grade satellite Internet service will most likely provide an experience characterized with continual picture jitter, starts and stops, and perhaps even complete picture dropoffs.

Equipment/Service Recommendation

Video streaming via satellite, in my opinion, is best delivered with business-grade satellite service that utilizes iDirect technologies (systems and equipment). That's because iDirect satellite modems and equipment employ built-in data compression, QoS (Quality of Service), and transmission acceleration technologies to provide an Internet connection that offers consistent service speed and dependability.

Additionally, iDirect satellite service utilizing shared bandwidth connectivity is enhanced with a small amount of dedicated bandwidth on each speed level to ensure service availability whenever you need it.

Alternative Solution For Video Streaming Via Satellite

You can use streaming services over a shared bandwidth satellite link that includes some dedicated bandwidth, such as offered by iDirect satellite service providers. This hybrid solution will support a satisfactory viewing experience, but the voice and video quality is not guaranteed. It is substantially less expensive than a dedicated satellite link, but it's still not cheap!

In order to stream video satisfactorily over a satelite link that you also intend to use for common Internet activities - i.e. web browsing, emailing, file downloading, IM (Instant Messaging), etc., I would suggest that you consider a bandwidth service package that offers a sustained throughput speed of at least 100Kbps.

Something like, 1024 Kbps Rx (download)/ 512 Kbps Tx (upload), 10:1 contention ratio service that includes about 102 Kbps CIR Rx/ 51 Kbps CIR Tx bandwidth will deliver at least 100 Kbps of sustained throughput. Depending upon your location, the service provider selected, and the satellite used for service delivery, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,200. USD to $1,700. USD per month for this subscription service.

iDirect satellite equipment cost will be additional, and it largely depends upon your location and which satellite will be used to receive service to determine whether Ku or C-band equipment will be utilized.

The iDirect service providers mentioned below can provide professional assistance in determining which equipment options may be available for your specific location.

Skype Video Streaming Via Satellite

If you intend to use Skype voice and video streaming via satellite, here's some must read information about how this service works and affects satellite bandwidth availability.

Service Provider Recommendations

For complete details on monthly service and equipment costs for iDirect shared bandwidth or dedicated satellite links to support video streaming via satellite services, I recommend the following satellite service providers -


Enterprise class business-grade service and dedicated connectivity for video streaming via satellite worldwide, with business concentration in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, -
contact BusinessCom.

Asia, Australia, and Pacific Islands

Business grade communications services including Internet, VOIP, IPTV, video streaming via satellite, and WiFi with wind/solar power options anywhere in the Asia Pacific region, including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and islands of the Pacific - contact Oceanic Broadband.

Americas and the Caribbean

Business-grade VSat communications services, including dedicated SCPC and shared bandwidth connectivity solutions for video streaming via satellite, anywhere in the Western Hemisphere - North, South, Central Americas, the Caribbean or anywhere in the world, contact me for complete details and pricing information.

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