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Wireless Satellite ISP -
Tips for Optimum Service and Savings

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Spending A Fortune or Compromising Performance!"

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Wireless satellite ISP service is a great innovation for entrepreneurs around the world interested in extending the reach of their LAN - Local Area Networks, cost effectively.

Whether it is to serve internet cafes, hotspots, businesses or individual users, this fast growing technology delivers high speed communications services to locations even in the most remote regions of the world -

without the need and expense of installing cables or telephone lines.

Almost like magic, wireless satellite ISP service is established when WiFi (wireless fidelity) or WIMAX technology is combined with satellite backbone connectivity to provide business quality telephony service, internet access, IPTV, video conferencing and video streaming applications over a wireless network.

smartBridgesNew, state-of-the-art equipment from smartBridges, one of the world's largest manufacturers of outdoor wireless broadband equipment, delivers WISP satellite backbone service farther and wider than previously possible.

The following WiFi connectivity tips can give you a head start on your competition and make the entire process of building a wireless network easier, successful, and more profitable,too!

If you're in a hurry and you prefer ...
you can skip the details for now and go right to my provider recommendations for satellite WISP services around the world.

How can you build a wireless network?...

smartBridges has simplified the process of building a wireless network with the introduction of easy-to-setup and maintain, carrier-class, wireless connectivity products. They include access points, backhauls, antennas, and client devices.

smartBridges incorporates LongRange™ radio technology into the production of their wireless solutions based on the award winning Nexus platform. In the process they have created reliable, cost effective network components. The primary focus of this system is to provide high data throughput over long distances for Near Line of Sight Point-to-Point applications.

wifi handbook

You can learn more about the actual process of building a wireless satellite isp network with illustrative case studies for the design and deployment of wifi networks of any size from the WiFi Handbook. It's a very informative guide that includes a lot of tips, strategies,and details about all current wifi technologies.

How can you save money and not compromise performance?...

LongRange™ technology from smartBridges is built in accordance with the IEEE-Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 802.11 a/b/g standards for WiFi products which ensures inter-operability with other wireless technologies.

A major advantage for this wifi equipment is that it operates on the license-free 2.4 GHz and 5.x GHz bands. Using smartBridges network equipment, wireless satellte ISP operators can realize operational savings as
>>no expensive license fees are required.<<

Get the buzz on Deploying License-Free Wireless Wide Area Networks, including their design, installation, operation, as well as, support information for WISPs. It's a practical, in-depth guide that provides clear, step-by-step information essential for WISPs and IT professionals.

An ISP/Internet Cafe, or hotspot operator, using satellite VSat backbone service, can offset operational costs and increase revenues by also providing internet, IPTV, and telephone service to area residents and businesses utilizing wireless access points.

Additionally, the use of wireless backhauls can extend your WLAN (wireless local area network) even further, by as much as 40 km (25 mi) to serve an entire city or perhaps a metropolitan area.

Another way to SAVE money

VSat backbone connectivity for wireless satellite ISP operations can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. iDirect enabled backbone satellite service, a hybrid combination of dedicated and shared bandwidth, performs comparably to SCPC dedicated service, but is up to 50% less expensive when subscriber levels are at 2,000 or below.
More about
iDirect systems.

Learn more about satellite ISP services and get detailed information about cost effective, iDirect enabled backbone service from BusinessCom.

Durabilty makes your network reliable and cost-effective ...

The entire smartBridges product line is designed for superior operation in variable weather conditions and can withstand temperature extremes of -49ºF (-45ºC) to +140ºF (+60ºC). This level of performance has not only gained an industry best recognition for smartBridges, but it also ensures a system reliability and cost-effectiveness that can not be understated.

Already, more than 100,000 smartBridges wireless networks have been deployed in over 80 countries. Wireless satellite ISP operators, utilizing iDirect enabled backbone connectivity and a smartBridges wifi network, can now provide cost effective, multi-media rich wireless communications services beyond the limits of the wired world across entire cities, states, and countries.

Satellite WISP connectivity is available across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America, Latin America and practically anywhere worldwide. Read how smartBridges technology has been used to succesfully launch wireless satellite ISP operations around the world.

Who can help build your wireless network? ...

Through special partnerships, wireless network technology from smartBridges and other leading manufacturers, combined with VSat satellite backbone service, is now available worldwide. For specialized wireless satellite ISP options in specific world regions, see
provider listing below.

Worldwide, one outstanding provider offering cost-effective WiFi and WiMax connectivity solutions for WISPs is BusinessCom. Together with smartBridges, BusinessCom can help you plan and build your wireless satellite ISP network to meet your service requirements.

Tell BusinessCom...

about your proposed service area and communications requirements, and learn about their available SCPC and iDirect enabled satellite backbone services for WISPs -
turnkey solutions with last mile WiFi/WIMAX connectivity.

Contact BusinessCom about wireless satellite ISP
connectivity, today ...

...and, receive a Free detailed service solution
for your WISP business!
(prompt response within 24 hrs.)

Contact BusinessCom for wireless satellite ISP solutions
Providing Wireless Satellite ISP Solutions with
smartBridges WiFi Technology Worldwide!

Outstanding Wireless Satellite ISP Service for
the Asia, Australia and Pacific Islands Region

is available from
Oceanic Broadband. They specialize in the delivery of Internet, VOIP, and IPTV service via satellite and wireless networks for ISP operations throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

solar/wind powered VOIP network
solar/wind powered
VOIP network

Utilizing state of the art equipment from leading suppliers of WiFI and WiMax technologies, Oceanic can design and create customized wireless network solutions to meet your service requirements.

Oceanic offers value added end-to-end service solutions with optional wind/solar powering of satellite and wireless networks for increased energy efficiency and cost-effective operations.

Contact Oceanic Broadband about their wireless network service recommendations
for Wireless Satellite ISP operations, now!
(prompt reply to all inquiries)

Contact Oceanic Broadband

Wireless Satellite ISP Solutions for Asia, Australia,
New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

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VSat Networks

An excellent source of detailed information on VSAT systems and their role in the construction of satellite networks is VSat Networks by Gérard Maral.

The book includes and in depth discussion on dedicated satellite communications with regard to network configuration, as well as, the economies of such endeavors and the operational and regulatory aspects of these services.

Get VSat Networks here

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