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Worldwide Satellite DSL Providers
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"... So, You Can Enjoy Fast, Reliable
Communications Services Virtually Anywhere!"

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Worldwide satellite dsl providers make it easy for you to enjoy fast, reliable high speed communications service no matter where you live, work or play. And ...you need not worry about spending a small fortune to do so!

Advanced VSat technology can provide you with a wide range of communi-
cations services.

These include broadband satellite dsl service for home office/small office environments, deployed military personnel and government installations.

There's also WAN based satellite communications solutions and managed network services for large corporations. An exceptional benefit for business lies in the ...

Outstanding Savings ...

that dedicated satellite services now offer.
Dedicated backbone connectivity via satellite with superb spectral efficiency provides excellent, secure communications with the greatest operational savings.

These factors make it an ideal solution for voice/data carriers, regional ISP operators, enterprise networks and corporate backbones of any size.

At the same time, an alternative hybrid solution for small businesses now offers economical dedicated service for small or startup ISPs, WISPs, and internet cafe operators. This service provides a unique opportunity for those netpreneurs with a limited operating budget to offer internet services via satellite competitvely. Perhaps, one of the ...

Most Exciting Communications Solutions

available today is the portable satellite modem. It's a service from Inmarsat that utilizes a small, lightweight device to provide simultaneous internet access and telephone calling capability for today's on the go professionals - even in the most remote corners of the world! You see, with a broad range of satellite services offered today, ...

The Sky is No Longer the Limit!

Worldwide satellite dsl providers now have solutions to accelerate web access and reduce the effects of satellite latency. So ... you can operate a VPN, VTC, web hosting, or streaming applications without experiencing a noticeable speed slow down. And, if you're thinking ...

About Security and Performance

Satellite transmissions utilize encryption technology to protect information content at the highest level. Financial institutions and investment companies are among the many subscribers worldwide who use satellite technology to transmit sensitive information every day with safety, security, and reliability.

Further advances have also greatly improved many satellite systems' ability to overcome poor performance during adverse weather (heavy rain, desert windstorms, and extreme heat or cold). Historically, operations show that iDirect satellite systems consistently deliver an unprecedented reliability rate of up to 99.8% annual network uptime.

The confidence level in iDirect satellite systems' performance is so great that worldwide satellite dsl providers are pleased to offer their subscribers an impressive Service Level Agreement guarantee. And, that's not all. Dependable service and cutting-edge technology offers some ...

Terrific Opps for Entrepreneurs

Global satellite internet service presents you with new and exciting business opportunities worldwide.

You can become a satellite ISP providing high speed internet access and communications services via satellite. Or ...

Perhaps, start your own WISP operation with a wi-fi hot spot or Internet Cafe.

In various regions around the world, internet services that wirelessly deliver business quality Voice Over IP phone/fax and video conferencing are in demand.

Furthermore, telephony services via satellite are more crisp and responsive. They are becoming increasingly popular because dsl via satellite worldwide can provide international telephone and fax services for less than many other global telecommunications companies.

Worldwide satellite dsl providers utilize a variety of systems to deliver cost effective, high-speed communications, competitvely. Some popular industry names include D-Star, iDirect, and LinkStar satellite systems.

Services and Availability...

For more information on iDirect business-grade satellite internet services and systems available in your area of the world, visit the following providers, click on the navigation bar links for specific services; or, follow the appropriate regional links below.

Worldwide Service
Enterprise class business-grade service and backbone connectivity via satellite worldwide, as well as, office service in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, - contact BusinessCom.

Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Islands of the Pacific
Business grade communications services including Internet, VOIP, IPTV, dedicated backbone connectivity, and WiFi with wind/solar poer options anywhere in the Asia Pacific region, including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and islands of the Pacific - contact Oceanic Broadband.

Western Hemisphere - North, South, Central Americas, and the Caribbean
Business-grade VSat communications services, including dedicated SCPC and shared bandwidth connectivity solutions via satellite for North, South, Central Americas, the Caribbean or anywhere in the world,
contact me for complete details and pricing information.

International broadband satellite services are also available in ~

Africa   •  Asia  •  Australia/ New Zealand/ Pacific Islands

  •  Canada/ North America  •  Caribbean  •  Central America/Mexico

•  Europe  •  Middle East  •  South America  •  USA

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