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Communicate on the go with an Inmarsat BGAN portable satellite modem. It's compact, lightweight, and wireless! And, here's

The Best Part...

it provides instant,
2-way, high speed internet access and simultaneous telephone capability worldwide - all from a powerful device the size of a laptop computer.

It's perfect for today's "on-the-go" professionals!

And ...

BGAN, or Broadband Global Area Network, is a cost effective, versatile communications tool that provides seamless access to  popular applications, and it's compatible with both PC and Mac platforms.

Access the Internet or a private network via built-in satellite link that can be kept 'always on'. Your connection is completed by inserting a prepaid data card into the modem. Whenever BGAN is used for Internet access, the card is debited according to the amount of data in Mbs you send or receive, rather than the time spent online.

By contrast, telephone calls, as well as, faxes, ISDN and IP streaming (video) services are billed by the minute - making it an extremely effective business tool. The prepaid data card allows you to control expenses. Integrated software enables you to track service usage and charges in real-time! Also ...

Check out these features ...

This portable satellite modem provides remote LAN and intranet access, and enables dedicated, secure links to be set up over a virtual private network (VPN). Additionally, it's suitable for FTP, instant messaging, video streaming, e-commerce and transferring or sharing all kinds of data files.

Explorer BGAN modem

Several models are available to meet your specific service requirements from noted manufacturers - Thrane & Thrane (Nera), and Hughes. Currently, the Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 100 (formerly the Nera WorldPro 1000) is the lightest and most compact, portable satellite modem available weighing less than 1kg. (2.2lbs.)

The Explorer 100 is a perfect travel companion for those who
need email and internet access only without realtime video. It offers download speeds of 384 Kbps and uploads up to 240 Kbps with simultaneous voice calling capability.

For more intensive applications, such as VPN, video and secure communications, the Hughes HNS-9201 is a good choice because it can handle all of these services quite handily. All BGAN modem units are designed with weatherproofing technology which makes them equally effective in arid, humid or dusty locations.

A pelican case provides additional watertight protection for the portable satellite modem during transport. Set-up and operation is quick and easy whenever you need service, on land or at sea. The BGAN portable satellite modem can be used with a single PC or connected to a local area network (LAN) through which it can be accessed by multiple devices.

You can set up a broadband mobile office in minutes - wherever you are on the planet. Access your data applications and make a phone call at the same time! Take a look at the video below to see just how easy BGAN satellite internet access really is.

What's more...

connections can be made using USB, Ethernet or Bluetooth technology. This exciting high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) data service provides fast, reliable access to the Internet and corporate computer networks, especially where the local telecom infrastructure is either poor, non-existent or expensive.

And, get this ...

The connectivity offered by BGAN, at speeds from 144 kbps to 492 kbps(actual download speed varies according to BGAN model selected), runs at more than twice the speed of current terrestrial GPRS mobile phone networks. The portable broadband equipment pictured above is just one of several models available. Each one is lightweight, compact and ready for travel. If you're wondering ....

...About the Cost

well, convenience does come with a big price tag, and BGAN is no exception. Currently there are six different modem units available with varying features, and they range in cost from about $1,000. to $5,000.

The most popular and lightest unit of the group, the EXPLORER 100, sells for about $1,300. Certainly, the portable satellite modem is a very handy communications device to have, especially if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a need to be in touch with the rest of the world.

However, if this is the situation you find yourself in, then the convenience and access that a BGAN modem provides make it an invaluable communications asset for you. Keep in mind, you don't necessarily have to buy a BGAN modem to take advantage of this service. You can ...

Rent one instead

for a fraction of the cost. This is a good solution if you only need to use BGAN service for a week or two each time, two or three times during the year. It saves money on the unit purchase plus activation fees and monthly service plan costs.

You can rent the Explorer 100, for example, for approximately $80. per week plus the cost of the prepaid airtime and/or voice time plan you select.

Inmarsat BGAN I-4 Satellite Coverage Map

BGAN satellite modem coverage map

BGAN coverage map key

Utilizing four strategically placed satellites, Inmarsat provides overlapping coverage so you can get portable broadband service wherever you go worldwide, not just in major cities or airports. Satellite internet and telephone access via the BGAN portable satellite modem is currently available in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, as well as, all of North and South America!

But ...
if you really do not need service from remote locations, there are ...

Mobile Broadband Alternatives

for internet access that you may wish to consider. Mobile broadband
service from various cell phone companies provides international coverage over extensive cell networks around the world. They are especially effective in metropolitan areas, as long as you remain within the reach of the local network. If this description fits your needs, mobile broadband may offer the best solution for you.

Vehicular Operations

Speaking about mobility, for those who need internet access while constantly on the move, BGAN vehicular satellite terminals provide mobile operation for service and security fleets. A compact tracking antenna which is mounted atop the vehicle and connected to a portable satellite modem, acquires and tracks the satellite signal while the vehicle is in motion.

Performance is considered "best effort" at this point as the system is not yet optimized to provide consistent operation without interruption. Users may experience temporary signal loss when traveling under a bridge overpass or through a tunnel. The Hughes HNS-9250 or the Thrane Explorer 527 are featured models for BGAN vehicular operations.

Regarding BGAN dependability ...

Internet service is accessed via a software interface which is standard across all terminals. Direct connections to the satellite means there are never any compatibility issues like those encountered with local telecom networks.

Additionally, Inmarsat's name is synonymous with reliable communications, built on a proven track record in the provision of maritime safety services. The network capacity of the new Inmarsat-4 satellites is 16 times greater than the previous generation of satellites, delivering a massive boost to an already highly available network. In addition, the entire system is backed by 24/7 customer support.

A word about security...

Inmarsat has vast experience in providing secure communications to military and government customers. BGAN meets these exacting requirements and supports all major VPN products and encryption standards.

This exciting communications service is one of the most popular tools available for today's on the go professionals worldwide, and ...

the BGAN portable satellite modem is now offered with purchase, lease or rental options. So, you can use it according to your needs and schedule. You simply can not beat that for convenience!

More information ...

Like to know more about BGAN service? ...

Contact me anytime! I will refer you to an authorized dealer for complete product information and service details, including all associated costs.

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